DVD Foreshadow

DVD Foreshadow
DVD Foreshadow

Run time: 86 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Carmelo Musca
Writers: Justin Burford, Krisztián Lippert
Stars: Myles Pollard, Melanie Lyons, Ben Mortley
Jesse Milton is living the high life until the mysterious death of a friend turns his world upside down. With police unwilling to investigate, he enlists his friends to help catch a serial killer but soon finds himself battling demonic forces. Written by Anonymous
Country: Australia
Release Date: 30 October 2013 (Australia)
Box Office
Budget: AUD 1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. As the only other review is by the production manager gushing about how great this film is it's time for an unbiased review don't you think?

    BTW I think anyone involved with the production of a film should be banned form submitting a review – you lose all credibility and just seem a bit needy IMO. (It looks to me like she wrote her own biog too – equally gushing)

    The film wasn't bad but it wasn't great either – a sort of cross between an Aussie soap and an episode of Scooby Doo. The lead actor was pretty good considering it was only his second role and first major acting gig but the others (some vastly more experienced) were well below par – maybe the reason is all the good Aussie actors are working in America and there is very little talent left for homegrown films. It reminded me of a few Aussie supernatural films of the 70s and 80s when they were good at this genre but maybe things should have evolved a bit more since then? All a bit predictable.

    Apparently it had a budget of 1 million AUS dollars – can't tell where it was spent TBH unless it was property or boat rental – decent try but could be improved with better writing and a much better supporting cast 4/10

  2. Australia, stop making films because you damn well suck at it. Can your desert nation please stop making movies and leave it to the Americans and the French who know what the hell they are doing? This movie took about every known cliché and dumped them into one very unoriginal, uninspired, lazy and predictable movie. The director was trying way too hard at the Hollywood type approach, particularly in the scene with the two hackers explaining what they discovered. The director and scriptwriter both anticipated what the audience expects, it seems, from the typical Hollywood blockbuster but were spectacularly unsuccessful and instead presented us with a try-hard, cliché ridden, predictable and very lame film. And what the hell was that ending?? Are you kidding us? Get a damn clue and an imagination you lazy frickin clowns! I gave this a 3 because I can.

  3. Its not often you'll see Perth on the big screen. Rarer still will you see mystery and danger thrown in amongst violence and intrigue. Luckily for Foreshadow viewers, that's just what you'll get when you see this feature film in Hoyts cinemas November 8. Foreshadow tells the story of Jesse Milton, a young 30-something year old with everything at his fingertips – until an evil spirit threatens to disrupt all of that.

    I really enjoyed the fact that my senses weren't overwhelmed with gore and tonnes of fake blood. Rather, the crew behind the film have cleverly woven a detective/noir style sub plot into the main narrative, making the film a little less "in your face" and more though provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of Perth's famous icons on screen including Trigg Beach, South Perth, and Mundaring Weir Hotel.

    It really felt like a true Aussie film too with great larrikin jokester Ben Purser providing much needed light to the film's subject matter. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who wants their teenager to see a "scary film" without worrying whether they'll be changing their bed sheets later that night; couples who want to get closer in a cinema screen without balking at the other's terrified screams; or for groups of friends looking for a film they can all find something to relate to.

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