DVD Fuga di cervelli

DVD Fuga di cervelli
DVD Fuga di cervelli

Rating: 2.8
Genres: Comedy
Director: Paolo Ruffini
Writers: Giovanni Bognetti, Guido Chiesa
Stars: Guglielmo Scilla, Frank Matano, Luca Peracino
Country: Italy
Release Date: 21 November 2013 (Italy)

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  1. This movie sets a new all time low for the already dying Italian Comedy and the Italian cinema in general. This movie isn't just bad, it's insulting, hideous and revolting. This movie is so bad that make the "cinepanettoni" (movies that are released every year under Christmas that are the epitome of bad comedy movies and bad movies in general here in Italy) look like pure gold. The premise was interesting, the subject of the so-called "Fuga di Cervelli", young Italians emigrating from Italy and immigrating to other countries to find fortune and better living conditions than in Italy is a very important theme and one of Italy's main problems nowadays where young people can't find a job anywhere. Unfortunately it was squandered by deciding to let the protagonists emigrate only BECAUSE THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH AS MUCH GIRLS AS POSSIBLE AND HELP ONE OF THE PROTAGONIST HAVE SEX WITH HE GIRL HE HAS A CRUSH FOR. ARE YOU F SERIOUS?! You put sex as the main topic of a movie that is supposed to talk about such an important problem as emigration of young people from Italy?! (just like in the "cinepanettoni" where sex is the center of everything" But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is the "comedy". Yeah, that's right. I say "comedy" because this isn't actually comedy this is hell. The jokes are so bad that will make you cry, not from laughter, but from anger. The characters are not even characters, they're just a bunch of sex-obsessed, intelligence-insulting, IQ- challenging morons. Moreover this film relies entirely on two an all Italian tricks to make people laugh. The first is called "figure di merda a catena" and basically consists of putting characters in ridiculous situations that become even more ridiculous as the scene progresses (Fantozzi movies are great in this) and the other one is the so-called "tormentone" which is basically a catchy phrase that becomes the thing audience will remember the most when they think about the movie. Unfortunately all of these tricks are used really really badly, the scene where one of the protagonist is thought dead and brought in a class for a lesson about the EXPLORATION OF THE COLON(I'm sure you all know what the colon is) is a perfect example of the how badly the first trick was used and the catch phrases are: "Emilio! Eh? Sto Cazzo" (Trasl: Emilio! Eh? Suck it!" "8! 8 Cosa? Ottimismo!" (Trasl: "8!" "8 What?" "Optimism!"). AGAIN ARE YOU F SERIOUS?!

    And what about the rest, well it sucks. The screenplay is terrible, the direction is completely random and uninspired, the dialogues are awful, the subplots are stupid and always sex-centered and what makes it even worse they put YOUTUBERS to act in this movie, but not any ordinary Youtubers, the worst of the worst that you can find in the Italian Youtube community.

    For the love of God don't go see this movie, avoid it like plague. If you have 10 euros to spend buy a pizza or something, but not this piece of garbage they pass as comedy movie. And now a minute of silence to remember the glorious Italian comedy movies that gave us so many laughs in the past.

    My vote is 1/10 but I'd give it a -10/10 if I could.

    Oh I almost forgot to tell you, this movie is a remake of a Spanish movie called "Fuga de Cerebros" which is considered one of the worst movies ever made and that they copied almost every scene from the original and made it even worse….

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