DVD Gabriel in Disguise

DVD Gabriel in Disguise
DVD Gabriel in Disguise

Run time: 65 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Mystery
Director: Helena Astbury, Jake Astbury
Writers: Helena Astbury, Helena Astbury
Stars: Juliet Lundholm, Omar Shaker, James Tweedy
The negative space of a love story is traced through a series of encounters, between lovers past and present, as well as those watching their story unfold – or are they watching themselves in disguise? 24 scenes recount love lost, found, returned and burned. The piece is a meditation on the archetypes of the Lover, the Sinner and the Damned, set in London, but with the possibility of other spaces being at play. A crisis of temporality unfolds as the figures attempt to reconcile the space they are in with the space they are trying to create. Minimal dialogue punctuates the piece in English, Spanish and Swedish. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK

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