DVD Heathens and Thieves

DVD Heathens and Thieves
DVD Heathens and Thieves

Rating: 5.2
Genres: Mystery | Thriller | Western
Director: Megan Peterson, John Douglas Sinclair
Writers: John Douglas Sinclair
Stars: Andrew Simpson, Gwendoline Yeo, Don Swayze
In the Old West, lawmen, drifters, and hired gunman converge on an isolated ranch, believing its Chinese owners possess stolen gold.
Plot Keywords: ranch, chinese, neo noir, horse stampede, manipulation
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012 (USA)


  1. I felt this was an excellent movie. The sets and locations were authentic and conveyed the sense of the timing of the movie. The photography was particularly creative. The story touched on several issues, race,honor, loyalty, corruption, the aftermath of the civil war, without being overpowering. The characters had depth and sincerity, especially the female lead. Some of their background was conveyed in a very subtle, but effective manner. The setting in California was an interesting wrinkle, but the movie still had the feel of a "western". It makes us think of the evolution of America. All in all a good modern take on the western genre.

  2. Don has an extremely versatile range, in this movie he's seems to take a eloquent theater background performance and morph it with a big screen evil villain. It's like Shakespeare doing a western his character was a thrill to watch! His delivery is outstanding, I was glued to his performance, from perfectly delivered lines to a character that he played beyond brilliant fully invested even in song at one point about, well I won't spoil it but it's hilarious. The movie is shot well and the cast is professional, the sets are beautiful with authentic era wardrobe. I really can't say enough about dons performance, this is one talented actor! I look forward to now viewing more of his work. I'm a western junkie and there are some modern pieces of garbage out there, this is not one of them, Swayze is brilliant in this 10 stars brother

  3. Exciting and unexpected. This movie thrills and chills and keeps you on the edge of your seat through the final credits. There is no other western like it. A true one of a kind that reflects the mindset and desperation of post-civil war America and the gold rush that change the nation. The music pulls you into the story during the opening credits. Unique characters that are so individual you always know who they are but never know what they will do next. I love the tension, the unexpected twists, the timing and the suspense. Breathtaking cinematography of wildly beautiful fall colors, horses and untamed locations surround and juxtapose against the serious and dangerous games desperate people are willing to play to find a fortune nobody is sure even exists.

  4. This is one of those movies that makes you want to go back and watch it again and again. There are so many twists and subtleties, you make new connections every time you see it! The viewer is kept guessing up until the end, and it's often hard to tell who is on which side. The production quality is fantastic, especially for an independent film. It is also one of the more historically accurate films in its genre. The music is all original and quite fitting; it complements every scene perfectly. You can tell that everyone involved really put their hearts into this production. If you're like me and you love movies that leave you thinking, "Wow, I never expected that!" then you will love this movie.

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