DVD House Under Siege

DVD House Under Siege
DVD House Under Siege

Run time: 78 min
Rating: 4.1
Genres: Action | Thriller
Director: Mark Hazen Kelly
Writers: Mark Hazen Kelly
Stars: Jeremy London, Bret Roberts, Sally Kirkland
Two young boys and a girl commit a diamond robbery on Halloween. During escape the girl is fatally shot. One of the boys knows a doctor (Jeremy London) who has a private clinic in his house. They decide to go to his house instead of the hospital where they will expect the police. They enter the house quietly with no drama. But when the doctor tells them she needs an ambulance to the hospital or else she will die, and his co-worker picks up the phone ready to call, the boys bring their guns out. The doctor along with his family are taken hostages, and the boys threaten him to save the girl if they all want to stay alive. Written by Sissel from Norway
Plot Keywords: doctor, gun, halloween, pregnancy test, diamond theft
Release Date: 14 March 2010 (USA)

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  1. Saw this movie last night on TV. Its an average/good thriller about two boys holding a doctor, his co-worker and family hostage in his own home, where his clinic is located. During a diamond robbery their girl was fatally shot and they can't go to the hospital cause of the police, one of the boys knows the doctor so they go to his house. The doctor tells them the girl needs ambulance to the hospital, but when the co-worker picks up the phone the boys takes their guns out and the hostage situation has started.

    I thought there was some good moments in the film and I wasn't bored through it, although there were some things/scenes that really annoyed me (and I found them a bit unrealistic honestly).

    As there is no summary for this film I will not go into further details about what annoyed me. If you are looking for a high suspense thriller, this is not it. I found this as a more quiet thriller with some good moments, and quite enjoyable for a stormy and rainy Thursday night.

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