DVD Jodi Ekdin

DVD Jodi Ekdin
DVD Jodi Ekdin

Rating: 6.9
Genres: Romance
Director: Riingo Banerjee
Writers: Riingo Banerjee
Stars: Saheb Chatterjee, Biplab Dasgupta, Priyanka Sarkar
Neil Basu & Nikita Choudhury lives together in a posh apartment in Kolkata. Nikita has left her blooming career as a jingle singer in Mumbai and come down to live with Neil here, because Neil got transferred to Kolkata. Neil is an upcoming ad guy, who has been preparing for a very big presentation for about the last 8 months, which shall make him, the vice president of his company. Life has been trudging along, but somewhere Neil and Nikita’s love story has blurred into Neil’s busy schedule. Nikita strives to keep in pace, but she never complains about her loneliness to Neil. On a particular day, Neil has an important presentation in the morning while Nikita has an important recording in the evening. Neil remembers his boss’s wife’s birthday but forgets to wish Nikita for her recording. It so happened that Neil fails to qualify and Nikita on the other hand excels. From this point the relationship takes a turn and Nikita decides to move on leaving behind Neil and their sweet home … Written by Arnab (Ringo) Banerjee
Country: India
Release Date: 30 April 2010 (India)


  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this movie, as I did it not expecting something more than a run-of-the-mill social. It has one of those rare things in movies, which without revealing to the reader I cannot describe in much detail except to say that it surprises you almost half way into the movie ( when most movies pack the major moments into the first quarter or the last ).

    There is also some great music in this movie, of a kind rarely seen in Bangla films, including a live concert with violins, flute and piano.

    Great acting by Priyanka Sarkar in a difficult role ( difficult because it did not have any great dramatic moments or demands ). Supporting cast was competent though I felt Indraneil Dasgupta could have portrayed his sense of absurdity and otherworld-ness a bit better.

    Camera work in widescreen was top class for a Bangla film, and the director must be recommended for not allowing the story to slip, though at times it could have.

    All in all, a very nice movie which many people may stop watching somewhere in the first 20 minutes as I almost did. It will reward you after that.

  2. I saw a good Bengali movie after a long. I didn't expected much from the movie when I started, but I proved to be wrong after the finish & I'm happy for that. The directer/story writer have done a very good job. They have been very successful in respect of the uniqueness of the story and in maintaining the suspense till the last scene of the movie.

    Though some of the films idea seemed to be taken from Prestige and The Final Destination series, but that never shortens the work of the director. Some of the dialogs are almost the translation From the movie prestige. The dreaming idea have been taken from the Final Destination movie. But unlike there, the length of the dream is long enough. And the destination is quite different.

    Real life location choosing have been done very nicely within Kolkata (EM Bypass, Mukundapur, Bijan Setuetc). The music of the movie are also good.

    Someone may not like the advertisements shown within the movie, but I think this could be granted for the financial reason looking at the Tollywood industry situation.

    Will wait for the next work from this director.

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