DVD Journey to Paradise

DVD Journey to Paradise
DVD Journey to Paradise

Run time: 134 min
Rating: 7.7
Genres: Romance
Director: Steven F. Zambo
Writers: Robin Shope, Steven F. Zambo
Stars: Jocelyn Dawson, Hannah Fager, Roseanne Fasi
When a mysterious but attractive stranger applies for channel 7’s station’s associate producer position everything changes for Lucy, her family. Why has Joe really made the journey to Paradise? Why is he really there?
Country: USA
Release Date: 1 December 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $15,000 (estimated)


  1. "Journey To Paradise", the latest release from Salty Earth Pictures of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, based upon the book "The Christmas Edition", by Robin Shope, and soundtrack provided by RGA Recording Artist Michael Schroeder's "Postcards from the road", illuminates clearly how truth can initially be hidden right in front of our eyes. Under Steve Zambo's direction, executive producer Elizabeth Zambo, and edited by Frank Datzer, "Journey To Paradise" is truly an experience that I did not hesitate to enjoy with my family. The reality lived each day by those close to and not-so-close-to family or a personal relationship with their Creator was adeptly captured by the cast and crew. The film brought me back to the days when Christmas and interactions with those around us were as they appeared, with no hidden agendas. Stacked against legitimate, heart-wrenching facts, "Journey To Paradise" creatively, and from a Christian perspective, showcases that the truth sometimes does wear a tuxedo. Into what may appear as insurmountable to the world and perhaps a lost cause, the film weaves honor, love, suspicion, comedy, and drama into a Christmas theme that does not forget the power of forgiveness. Tasteful, earthy, and destined to become a family-favorite each year when the air is crackling with a hint of frost and possibly a snowflake or two, "Journey To Paradise" needs no prompting to make it part of anyone's holiday viewing wish list; it's destined to be a classic already on-screen in my home for Christmas 2010.

  2. A beautifully shot Christian film with a true Christian Heart. My daughter is home from College for the holidays and we sat down to watch it together. A great family movie with a sweet, sweet message. The location montage and song REASON FOR THE SEASON was our favorite. The two leads were intriguing to watch and were both very committed to their roles. It's amazing to me how much can be done and shot on an obviously modest budget. They certainly made good use of their surroundings and townsfolk which made it all the more quaint and special. Bravo Salty Earth Pictures! Bravo! You made me want to live in Paradise!

    Suzanne LaRusch (Burbank, CA)

  3. Why would a God who wants everyone to have an eternal home in Paradise make it hard for anyone to get there? He doesn't—which we all get to see through the journey of Lucy and Joe…

    Joe and Lucy feel an immediate attraction, but their budding romance, and ultimately their faith, is tested by suspicions, secrets and guilt. After seeking the answers from the only Source they can be found, they discover redemption, purpose and true Love.

    Not only is the movie focused on the two lead characters of Joe and Lucy, but the supporting cast of family and friends with their comedic relief and unwavering loyalties keeps the plot building all the way up to the surprise ending.

    A word must also be made on the music sound track-—inspirational!

  4. It was awesome. I do have to admit that I am fan of independent films. I grew up seeing all kinds of films. I think Salty Earth Pictures rocked it and the cast was perfect. So believable. The formula of movie got to my heart and is emotional. The central conflict and the imperfect characters all interact beautifully. The character of Joe has a good heart but he also has a dark side. Lucy has secrets of her own and she is a doll. with a heart of gold. They fall in love but circumstances pull them apart.

    The movie is formulated around a specific central premise (i.e. with this film it's Joe's lies piling on top of lies) supported by extremely strong, side character performances. It surpasses other movies in the same romantic comedy genre like, He's Just Not That Into You and Just Go With It. By the way, the actress who plays Lucy is a better actress than Aniston.

    The dialog is extremely well balanced with perfectly timed and executed emotional moments. Well done.

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