DVD Karl the Butcher vs Axe

DVD Karl the Butcher vs Axe
DVD Karl the Butcher vs Axe

Rating: 3.4
Genres: Action | Comedy | Horror
Director: Timo Rose, Andreas Schnaas
Writers: Andreas Schnaas, Timo Rose
Stars: Andreas Schnaas, Timo Rose, Magdalèna Kalley
2023 and Karl The Butcher Jr Returns from hell after 25 years, and is on a mission to kill a new butcher, Axe. But the world he returns to is in devastation, civilization is split between gangs, including the Gang loco, The Others, the tyrant Queen Scara, The Black Monks, and of course, the nomads Axe and his sister Vendetta whose family history is unknown. An ultra-violent journey in a wasteland awaits… Written by cb94
Plot Keywords: future, hell, gore, throat slitting, death
Country: Germany
Release Date: 1 May 2010 (Germany)


  1. Fourth in this shot-on-video German gore series from director Andreas Schnaas. Karl the Butcher (Schnaas) is released from hell by the devil and sent to a futuristic wasteland where he is to kill Axe (co-director Timo Rose). The place is filled with warring gangs and, naturally, our two titular characters team up after briefly scuffling. But this is no TANGO & CASH (1989). This is really rough stuff and a huge step back for Schnaas. I can hear you saying, "What did you expect?" but Schnaas had been proving himself of making "decent" SOV flicks. I lay a lot of the blame at the feet of Timo Rose, who is always working in goofy sound effects in his own productions and does that here. There is very little style to the film and the set design lives up to the term threadbare as most sets involve a room with sheets hung on the walls. There is the requisite over-the-top gore, but it almost becomes boring after the fourth or fifth decapitation.

  2. It is impossible to describe how pathetically inept this movie is.

    It begins with what is presumably an attempt at a joke.. a carved pumpkin appears accompanied by the theme from Halloween. Then a title card appears reading sorry, wrong movie. Whatever you think about Halloween you will be wishing you were watching that instead.

    Magdalena Kelly is the only person of any value in this tripe. She is pretty, has some modicum of talent and performs well in her fight scenes.

    What she's doing in this crap is a mystery. I suspect that Timo Rose looked up the definition of talent in a dictionary and decided he wanted nothing to do with it.

    Various members of Gang Loco are played by people who were cast simply because they look weird. There involvement in the plot consists of wandering about with plastic machine guns before being summarily killed.

    The Mock-Wai tribe is a gang (3) of ageing pornstars played by Eileen Daly, Eleanor James and Marysia Kay. For some inexplicable reason they drain captive men of their semen. Eileen then drinks it, in a grotesque and badly acted scene. It is impossible to choose which of the three females is the least talented but the three worst performances ever committed to celluloid belong to them.

    There is no plot of any kind. The action scenes are pathetically amateurish. The gore, effects and make-up is laughable. Avoid.

  3. After the 1999 triumph that was Violent Sh!t 3 it seemed as though Andreas Schnaas had retired the mighty Karl the Butcher, but eleven years later returned with this film, Schnaas was perhaps invigorated, inspired by the partnership of newer Euro-gore maestro Timo Rose (who edits, co-directs and co-stars as the titular Axe), though sadly he wasn't inspired enough to make this film more than a watchable but ultimately forgettable footnote. The plot has advanced from the first three, this time round we're in post apocalyptic territory. Some unknown catastrophe has destroyed society and the civilised world, leaving only violent territorial gangs who greedily trade resources and kill any trespassers. Into this land come Karl the Butcher, sent up from hell to battle Axe, a potential contender to his butcher throne. Cue lots of bloody fighting and a few uninspired twists. Its interesting that the apocalypse is never mentioned. Some photo-shopped images of ruined monuments in the opening credits locate the viewer post apocalypse but what actually happened is never explained. And the film is set around 2023, with characters mentioning Karl the Butcher having been dead for 25 years (placing the timeline roughly in order with Violent Sh!t 3), indicating that in a mere 25 years or less humanity has collapsed and adjusted not just to the point of forgetting for the majority what caused their collapse but even those few who can remember specifics of what happened before (assuming that Violent Sh!t 3 wasn't sneakily set post apocalypse without mentioning it). Its a nice way of highlighting social decay, as is the way that no characters have proper names or characters, just daft nicknames and gang affiliations. The implication is that in the future there are no individuals, no humanity for itself, just specialised, coded bodies bound to fate. Unfortunately, while interesting alleyways are broached the film does nothing with them. Most disappointing is the combination of Karl the Butcher and Axe. They have a few skirmishes, but nothing really like the full on epic battle that the title seems to promise, and nothing like the satirical potential inherent in the casting. The battle of pioneer Euro-gore maestro with young Turk should be fraught with fun and irony, but things proceed neither in an especially gruesome nor interesting front. Speaking of not especially gruesome, the gore is a bit low by and large. Don't get me wrong, loads of people loose heads, limbs, throats and so on in appropriately bloody fashion, but everythings a lot cleaner and less demented. Its as if Schnaas and Rose were aiming for broader commercial appeal, with pretty decent cinematography for such an effort as well, but the lack of any truly mad nastiness is a definite drawback especially since each of the previous films made definite progress upon the previous in that respect. Here things are more action oriented and get a bit repetitive, especially since the action choreography isn't up to much. The atrocious acting ends up being a drawback too on account of the lacking gore, with a particularly horrid turn from Eilleen Daly standing out. Still, its watchable enough. Fast pace, a few laughs, a big bodycount and lots of blood, its a solid mindless time-waster. Generous 6/10.

  4. The Violent Sh*t movies are amazing. I mean, they aren't GOOD, per say, but they are pretty entertaining. Andreas Schnaas has pretty much gotten better with each new film he has done, and now that Schnaas and Timo Rose have joined forces, it's a gore fan's dream. Unrated The Movie was a bit disappointing to me – but Karl the Butcher vs. Axe does not disappoint. It has all the hyper violence any fan of the genre could ask for. Though, in my opinion, not as good as Nikos the Impaler, this one comes close, and I believe to be one of Schnaas's best films to date, as well as Rose's. It's funny, ridiculous, gory, offensive, and fun. A must see for any fans of German splatter. The last 20 minutes is just pure gore. This one does not disappoint!

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