DVD Kutsal Damacana 2: Itmen

DVD Kutsal Damacana 2: Itmen
DVD Kutsal Damacana 2: Itmen

Run time: 98 min
Rating: 2.6
Genres: Action | Comedy | Horror
Director: Korhan Bozkurt
Writers: Safak Sezer
Stars: Aydemir Akbas, Eris Akman, Ferhat Guzel
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 22 January 2010 (Turkey)

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  1. Even though the players are mostly known as funny individuals, the characters they have rolled are sloppy. Most of the dialogs between the characters are too long, unnecessarily detailed, not serving the main subject of the film. The film is trying to tease with a lot of horror movie clichés, they are not successful at all. The photography of the movie is weak, the camera angles, backgrounds have not been picked carefully and do not touch your eyes' taste. There are too many unnecessary characters in the movie too, which makes the audience to loose the target and get bored. The changing of character Mujdat to a dog/wolf is not convincing, looks so artificial and very simple computer retouches. The make-up is even worse. You may laugh in several scenes, if you can stand to watch it all. During all the film, you feel that the scenes shot in a hurry.

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