DVD Left of Center

DVD Left of Center
DVD Left of Center

Run time: 80 min
Rating: 4.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Dave Norman
Writers: Brandi Jenkins
Stars: Bryson Baker, Jason Wilkinson, Jami Harris
Left of Center, a psychological thriller set in a small town in the rolling plains of Northeastern Oklahoma, focuses on a series of homicides along Highway 177. The murders cause a strained relationship between highway patrol officer Trooper Ferguson (J Bryson Baker) and local police chief Tom Parker (Jason Wilkinson), who are both personally invested in finding the killer. In efforts to solve the murders and put the town at ease, the lives of the two men converge through a series of encounters, as well as a startling revelation as the truth surfaces. Through a tangled web of obsession and deceit, Left of Center magnifies life in a tightly knit community while exposing its dark secrets. Written by Dave Norman
Plot Keywords: highway, murder, police, oklahoma, seven
Country: USA
Release Date: January 2014 (USA)


  1. Some people will truly love this movie. Some will find it too confusing to follow all the way to the end. There are a few scenes of graphic gun violence that could be disturbing, however fans of gore and slasher movies will find it tame.

    It takes you on a journey; telling its story by intermingling 'flashbacks' with 'flashforwards' and 'current' happenings in such a way that it impossible to tell them apart for the vast majority of the movie.

    The acting, at times, seems wooden but, on reflection, that might be a tool to set a certain mood. If so then it is brilliantly done.

    I won't spoil this for anyone but I will say you have the chance to figure it all out if you hang in there long enough – as opposed to things being deliberately left obtuse. BTW: Without it tying all the details together I would have rated this a 4.

    I suspect fans of mystery and who-done-its will rate this at least 7.

    If you are okay with not being immediately fed all the answers and can wade through the confusion I recommend you watch this as it is well worth your time. If your attention span or intellect isn't up to a workout I suggest you avoid it.

  2. If your in the mood for a good suspense/mystery "Left of Center" will deliver just that. Patience is the key for this film. There are many things happening, and lots of questions that need to be answered. Like any mystery, the audience is given enough information and clues, to realize there is something that within the plot there is more than meets the eye. If you pay attention, you may be able to figure it out. Most likely though, you won't. This film has an ending that your just going to have to wait for. If your full attention span can't last 80 minutes, then maybe this movie isn't for you. However if you do, I feel like you will be glad you did.For me personally I enjoyed every minute. It captured my attention from beginning to end. Not once during the movie was I able to guess the very clever ending. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes to think 🙂

  3. there's a possible great thriller here if the screenplay writer(s?), the director and the editor of this film were better. storyline in this film was like somebody driving on the highway, maybe on drugs, or under the influence of alcoholic, or too sleepy to drive straight, wavy along the center line. we got twin brothers, one was a psycho, one was state trooper. we got another town cop whose wife was expecting and he also got an affair during his wife's pregnancy. the background scenery was part of the state of Oklahoma, barren, boring, deadbeat, throwback terrains, small towns, two-lane highway. once you knew the twin brothers, one normal, the other abnormal, with a mother deeply affected by the tragedy in the family, then nothing would be too confusing to be understood. but the directing and the editing did a lousy jobs on both accounts, the flashbacks(even flash-forwards), the nightmares and all the scenes appeared in this film were just so messy and so randomly mixed up that made the viewing quite clueless, so you have to guess and correct yourself all along. more pathetically speaking, those random killings happened along the highway simply could not match the time frames to match the whereabouts of those main characters involved. a huge letdown and disappointment that should and could have avoided if the directing and the editing be smarter.

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