DVD Lokpal

DVD Lokpal
DVD Lokpal

Rating: 3.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Joshiy
Writers: S.N. Swamy
Stars: Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan, Meera Nandan
Country: India
Release Date: 31 January 2013 (India)


  1. I was just about see Race 2, but the theater was closed. Then i went to Romans, but few of my friend wanted me to accompany them to see lokpal. Thats the only reason why I went to watch a Joshiy film on theater. After first few minutes, we realized that this movie is a total waste. But we stayed in the theater only because we had nothing else to do that day. I don't want to waste more time of mine talking about this film, but I do wish to tell everyone that this movie should be avoided. First of all, the script is so bad that it never start making any sense at any moment. The songs are unbearable. Performance of most of the actors are poor. there are some scenes which are intended to laugh audience, but actually, they are terrible. Dialogues are total ****. So called 'twists' are silly and predictable. Dialogues are worst than ever(Joshiy is trying to catch up with youngsters but he totally fails at doing so). Joshiy should have waited a bit more before making this movie. I just give 1/10 for this movie…..!!!!!!

  2. Lokpal( 2013 ) This is not the first time that I have been fooled and disappointed after going for a movie of my favorite actor. This time there was more reasons to watch 'Lokpal' : the director (Joshiy) and the script writer (S.n Swamy). The duo has created some excellent movies in the past like Naaduvaazhikal (1989) , Dhruvam (1993) , Sainyam ( 1994 ) . But this time with 'Lokpal' their combination doesn't create the thrill as expected.

    'Lokpal' is the story about a website where people complain about the most deadliest social evil : Corruption. The first half is about the website and and how justice is provided through it. Close to the interval , an unwanted element is introduced in the movie : the heroine, Dr. Geetha ( Kavya Madhavan ) and then, the movie goes out of director's control. Gradually the main villain is also introduced and then the movie becomes merely 'hero winning over villain ' story. But there is something that doesn't happen in this thankfully : Nandu doesn't bring back/ make the once left heroine to his life again – thank god!!

    'Lokpal' – A relevant and recently most discussed word/name is misused in an unnecessary way. A movie that doesn't do any justice to the popularity of the title.

    Coming to the performances, Mohanlal , Manoj K Jayan and Saikumar are all amazing actors, but they don't have anything much to do in this dull script. Songs : there is only one main song in this and that has got inspired from the Gagnam Style choreography. There is really nothing else in this movie to comment about it.

    Mystery behind 'Lokpal' working , keeping the identity of the person as suspense , no relation to the current political scenario ; the list of what script actually could have been goes on and on. After watching this, I felt 'FOR THE PEOPLE' movie released years back on the similar story was very much better. What else would remain to be seen after the hero goes on revealing everything which should have been a suspense?? Nothing as in this.

    [ As I am writing this, I am watching one of the best thrillers made in Malayalam by the thriller expert Shaji Kailas : F.I.R ]

  3. I still can't figure out the difference between the plots of Spirit, Run Baby Run & Karmayodha. All were on the same base line of a single personality without a family going against the grain. What kind of bullshit is that?

    Malayalam industry is to be prejudiced now, as all the mainstream movies suck like their Bollywood counterparts. Mohanlal-he might be the complete actor but his films nowadays are not as complete as it should be. With Joshiy's ever-increasing obsession with heroines taking against their heroes (RBR), Lokpal proves to be very bad in all the film-making terms. Kavya Madhavan was literally wasted. While the two-movie fame supporting girl fares better. Supporting cast have great character portrayal but since the foundation (story, screenplay & editing) all suck to their cores, this 120 minutes of drama is more like a predictable cliché with some improvisation from the west.

    The story is just like movie "4 The People" but, yes the outcomes are different and while stealth is adopted in large scale, corruption comes into picture with Mohanlal's friends ranging from ministry to police. We, Malayalis, are done with such cheap tricks of entertainment. Also, there are lots of frivolous sequences consisting dance, music and melody. We aspire something new (Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla, etc). Adopting Gangnam Style dance steps, or playing Flo Rida's "Low" in the background won't make movies hit. Get some craft, men!

    BOTTOM LINE: Mohanlal is amazing as always, but his complete actor designation may have to be redressed. 4/10. Wait for the DVD!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Language: No | Sex, Nudity: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: Mild | Alcohol: Mild | Smoking or Drugs: No | Vulgarity: No

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