DVD Malevolent Ascent

DVD Malevolent Ascent
DVD Malevolent Ascent

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action | Adventure | Horror
Director: Dave Wascavage
Writers: Dave Wascavage
Stars: Damien Colletti, Kati Jordan, Matt Simberg
Strangers in an elevator. A patient in a straight jacket. An incident that will change their lives forever.
Plot Keywords: elevator, escape, death, blood, demented
Country: USA
Release Date: 22 October 2010 (USA)


  1. I was fortunate enough to see this film at Cinema 16:9 in Lansdowne, Pa last week – perfect for the forthcoming Halloween weekend. For a low- budget Independent Film, it had some interesting "pros" and cons, particularly the unique and impressive talent of the lead actor who played "Damon", Damien Colletti. I was impressed with the scary character he created and brought to life on the screen. I know this was shot several years ago and only released now, so I feel that if Damien did it now, he would play the character even better, because I've seen his more recent work. I also enjoyed Steve Kurtz who played "Gerald' in the film, in a very believable fashion. Some of the CGI was very impressive, although at times some of it was somewhat weak. Overall an above average Indie Film with a great story that exceeded my expectations.

  2. This film has a very interesting script with an insanely strange lead character brought to life by the intense, energetic and believable acting of Damien Colletti. Unfortunately, the quality of Damien's acting is not supported by the cast who seem as though they have never acted before with the exception of Art Lyle and Todd Stuckley who give a believable and credible performances. The director is known for his comic horror films and this is his first venture into the world of serious horror. It is a good beginning (except for the casting). It is an interesting and intense script. While I have seen Damien playing forceful characters like Damon, a recent review of the film suggested that Damien was instructed by the director to deliver his lines in a choppy, Gollum-like manner. How unfortunate. Yet even with this restriction Colletti's acting skills manage to surpass the mis- directed vocal style and Colletti's own fierce, totally believable, and frighteningly insane characterization explodes on the screen in several scenes of sheer brilliance. The film would be very flat due to the overall acting in the cast despite the well-written dialogue without the alternately restrained and which explodes into lethal ferocity of the lead character which moves the film along to its climax and make it worth viewing. The CGI, especially in the color-charged scene near the end of the movie, is brilliant. Various other CGI scenes are less riviting; but there is enough of real quality CGI to make this film well-worth seeing. I have been a reviewer for various newspapers on the Eastern Coast. This is the first horror film I have reviewed. I've only done so because I feel the writer/director has done himself and his film a great diservice by not giving his script and his lead actor the supporting cast needed to make this film rate higher than a 7.

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