DVD Mama’s Boy

DVD Mama’s Boy
DVD Mama’s Boy

Run time: 82 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Johnny Blayz
Writers: Johnny Blayz
Stars: LaDonna Allison, Aixa Alvelo, Betty Bee
At a very young age, Mobo Jeeba witnessed the rape and murder of his mother, Akushika. Many years passed and the traumatizing effect haunted Jeeba, molding him into a ruthless killer. But little does he know, that some strange twists of events will soon be leading him on a journey that will unveil the mystery surrounding his mother’s death. And on this journey……..there will be BLOODSHED. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: gore, nudity, diaspora, revenge
Country: USA
Release Date: 24 April 2012 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)

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