DVD Matinee

DVD Matinee
DVD Matinee

Rating: 5.5
Genres: Romance
Director: Aneesh Upasana
Writers: Anil Narayanan
Stars: Fathima Babu, Lena, Mythili
Country: India
Release Date: December 2012 (India)

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  1. People get fooled by the disease of acquiring stardom and this 110 minute drama talks about the harrowing story of two people who set into the world of acting & cinema.

    Maqbool is fond of acting & has a girl waiting for him while Maithily is fed up of her life & drunkard father. They set out in different paths but meet up in a film produced in a manner they have no idea about. How that one single movie plays spoilsport with their lives is a wonderful tale and a grim reality nowadays in Kerala & elsewhere. The inter- connection is quite good and characterization is fantastic. Such low- budget movies hardly get any publicity but they are worth watching unlike mainstream movies.

    Performance isn't great but screenplay is good. Direction is appreciable & as a whole, the cinema-experience was great. Only, the amateurism visible in almost all the factors made it look cranky. It is a definite one time watch for the story. As a critic, I thus rate it 6/10. GO FOR IT!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Language: Mediocre | Sex, Nudity: Mediocre | Mouth-Kiss: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: Mild | Traumatizing Factor: Mild | Smoking, Alcohol: Strong

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