DVD Mishawr Rawhoshyo

DVD Mishawr Rawhoshyo
DVD Mishawr Rawhoshyo

Rating: 6.4
Genres: Thriller
Director: Srijit Mukherji
Writers: Sunil Gangopadhyay, Srijit Mukherji
Stars: Prasenjit Chatterjee, Indraneil Sengupta, Rajit Kapoor
Mishawr Rohoshyo, a thriller, is The Egyptian Mystery to be solved by detective Raja Roy Chowdhury to unearth an Egyptian fortune. The all’s-not-well quest takes Kakababu and Santu into a bumpy ride which finally ends at the baffling Egyptian tombs. Written by Abira Pathak
Country: India
Release Date: 11 October 2013 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 50,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I had stopped watching bengali movies when i was a child in the 80s. It seemed too childish to even a child then. Recently, with Chokher Baali, Bhooter Bhobishyot, Goenar Baksho and now this… i am watching Bengali movies again. While i was watching the movie, i felt proud as a probashi bengali.

    I have never read Kakababu stories but have heard about him from my cousins in Kolkata. It was my discovery of the character through this film. The movie could have been great if the story telling was compact and fast. Certain portions were painfully stretched. I even went out from the hall to grab some snacks. When i came back, i didn't miss anything. Casting and acting were the strong points but few characters were forced.

    There were few loopholes like the one in the climax. It seemed childish. The climax was not at all thrilling, instead it was hilarious. The background score was good but seems unnecessary and irritatingly used in many situations. Use of darkness and silence inside the pyramid could have been thought about. Instead it was well lit and loud with background music.

    Still, hats-off to the maker for this brave and entertaining attempt.

    A one time watch for sure.

  2. Watched Mishawr Rohoshyo yesterday, It's a mediocre Sleuth film. I was expecting much better from Srijit & Prosenjit. The storyline is weak, there was no such suspense in the film, though the fight sequences are great, some good quality special effects were there, except the fight between Prasenjit & Rajit Kapur in the Climax, it was so lame & I couldn't understand why Al Mamun (Rajit Kapur) was wrapped like a mummy, all done by himself. Santu didn't have much to do, but he looked good, not as convincing as Topshe (Feluda's assistant)

    Indraneel was damn good as Hani Alkadi, he's perfect for the role. But I was expecting him to be menacing, though he was quite friendly to Kakababu (Prosenjit). Neel Mukherjee & Swastika stole the show with their brilliant comic act. Srijit's works are over-hyped now, Hemlock Society was mediocre too, & the music sucked as their was no Anupam Roy magic, which happened to be the main attraction of Srijit's earlier films. Overall I give it 6/10

  3. Srijit Mukherjee's 5th directorial venture fails to meet the expectation. Only positive side of the movie is performance by Prosenjeet. Indraneel Sengupta does well as Hani Alkadi. The movie fails to create the suspense and thrill expected from a Kakababu story. The director fails to understand that too much melodrama and intellectual gibberish in a thriller doesn't work always. It was unnecessarily stretched by at least 30 min. The characters of Neel , Swastika and Riddhi as Santu's love interest were complete misfit. Was JNU campus tour necessary ? Rajesh Sharma does a decent job. Too much editing of the original story takes away a lot of fun. Hope the directors will keep these in mind. The screenplay and locations are well done. Watch Kahani – how to show a thriller in a simple way without being preachy.

  4. 'Mishawr Rawhashyo' lacks the proper use of camera. The basics of camera movement have been violated here and there which can be easily pointed out by anyone from the field of film studies. The choice of cast is a mess, some being excellent, some being a total disaster. Story lacks the compactness. And music is incredibly brilliant, might be one of the all time bests in a Bengali movie. Prosenjit Chatterjee is at his best. The political touch to the plot was completely unnecessary. At times the movie goes past high above the boundaries of excellence while at times it goes well below mediocrity. With a mixture of good and bad, it can be declared to be an average movie.

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