DVD No Precedence

DVD No Precedence
DVD No Precedence

Run time: 118 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Mystery
Director: Mason Stoddard
Writers: Max Daines, Mason Stoddard
Stars: Mark Bennion, Daniel Griffin, Ben Hopkin
When AJ and Liz are assigned to work in a small desert town, their friendship is far from stable. Matters become more complicated when they meet another outsider in the town, Daniel, who is looking for his missing friend. When Daniel too disappears, AJ and Liz are caught in a quickly unfolding mystery. The locals, including a diner owner and the town’s only cop, are far from concerned about the missing persons in their area. Packed with suspense, No Precedence was made entirely in Eastern-Idaho utilizing local talent. Written by Mason Stoddard
Plot Keywords: idaho, independent film
Country: USA
Release Date: 25 March 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $3,500 (estimated)

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