DVD No Problem

DVD No Problem
DVD No Problem

Rating: 3.8
Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime
Director: Anees Bazmee
Writers: Ikram Akhtar, Nisar Akhtar
Stars: Anil Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt
After bank owner, Zandulal’s (Paresh Rawal) money is stolen by Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Raj Ambani (Akshaye Khanna), he faces financial ruin and sets out to apprehend the duo. He does locate them – right next to his mansion – and is all set to turn them over to bumbling Senior Inspector Arjun Singh (Anil Kapoor), who has personal issues with his hyper wife, Kajal (Sushmita Sen). Circumstances, and the indirect involvement of the dreaded Marcos gang, instead will not only make Zandulal suspect for the homicide of Minister Sanyal but also be on the run from the police for theft of diamonds. Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
Plot Keywords: screwball comedy, flatulence, bumbler, con man, screwball
Country: India
Release Date: 10 December 2010 (India)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: £114,652 (UK) (10 December 2010)
Gross: £114,652 (UK) (10 December 2010)


  1. ### ### ### Good Movie with lot of comedy punches

    Enjoy the movie with a light mood and you will find yourself laughing hard in almost every scene of movie.

    As one critic pointed before the movie is for the viewers with sense of humor.

    Of course the songs are not good and also are not needed but with great comic timings and scenes this one is a small sacrifice.

    Just go with the flow of movie, don't do the mistake of applying logic and you will enjoy it.

    #### ######

  2. No Entry 2005 was much better and awesome movie then this mindless fashionable,dancing,same old story,vulgar scenes,mix together with a lot of problems created into one its called No Problem. my question to the whole cast and producer and director of this movie is that ..Are You In Your Senses? Anil Kappor is doing cheap movies since 2000 there is not even a single movie he did good,Sanjay Dutt,Akshaye Khanna,Kangna were nice,Sunil Shetty was overacting,Paresh Rawal was as usual funny.Neetu Chandra played a badass gangster girl,Sushmit Sen was suffering with a split personality disorder and attacks his husband 3/4 times in 24 hours a day.plus they all fight on some diamonds/money the cat and mouse game continues, Bollywood has lost it .this movie proved it.the whole team of no problem 2010 did this only for money and some cheap fame.specially Sanjay Dutt. i am disappointed and giving only 5/10. please we have a lot of problems in our life,so don't show us this no problem garbage

  3. Such a crap movie! Cheap humor that looked like a Donald Duck cartoon movie mixed in a r&b music video clip with two youngsters holding money riding in a car and half naked woman hanging around them. This movie is not even a teenage movie. Also violence that didn't make sense, aggressive women and men hitting each other. What is so funny about that? The movie was childish, silly, flaw and filled with bad humor with aggressive scenes. Also the woman in this movie were shameless dressed, not any cultural values at all. The movie tries very hard to be an American Bond movie, but this is the worst replica ever. What a shame that this movie is in cinema's now. After 15 minutes or so a walked out the movie room.

  4. This movie is for people with a sense of humor. Anyone who doesn't will most likely give it a low rating like some already did, however it deserves better.

    Sure there is room for improvement but which movie doesn't? Indian cinema hasn't come out with a great comedy since the release of No Entry, and this is one that falls in the top 10 list of comedies along with No Entry. Failures like Golmaal 3, and a lot of others with huge disappointment, this one is not a fail but a great hit with the entire family.

    Please do watch the movie and decide on your own, don't let the reviews stray you away from a good movie.

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