DVD Number One Shakib Khan

DVD Number One Shakib Khan
DVD Number One Shakib Khan

Run time: 175 min
Rating: 5.0
Genres: Action | Comedy | Drama
Director: Badiul Alam Khokon
Writers: Kashem Ali Dulal
Stars: Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Misa Sawdagar
The film focuses on a young man who struggles to stand on his own feet. Thrilled by his ideology and honesty, the heroine Apu Biswas makes up her mind to stand beside him with her love to make his dream come true. Popular film actor Shakib Khan is playing in the name role. The cast also includes Nutan, Ali Raj and Sadek Bachhu, among others. Written by Ashfaq Ahmed
Plot Keywords: social drama
Country: Bangladesh
Release Date: 11 September 2010 (Bangladesh)
Box Office
Budget: BDT 10,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I would recommend everyone to buy a DVD of this film… If you are in a very bad mood then just turn on your DVD player and watch this.. You will wonder why people call spider man, batman or superman a super hero? They are nothing compared to NO1SK!! You will feel very confident about yourself..You'll think if he could become NO1SK then i can be Root over minus 1 (What ever your name is) so easily!! It's such an inspiring movie..it will move you surely (you cant watch it without moving actually..you'll fell off chair laughing).. Acting and Direction were possibly worst.. Story cant be weaker than this.. But all these things make this an epic entertaining movie!! A must see (dramatic/romantic/action) comedy!!

  2. I went to the Rajmoni cinema a few months ago along with some of my friends with surging expectations and in the end it fulfilled it.The film was a pure laughter marathon.Now technically the film was not immaculate but still you can laugh at the silliest mistakes the director made.The shooting was done mostly in Bangkok and this film is said to be one of the biggest budget Bangladeshi film ever made. As predicted it turned out to be one of the biggest hit of all-time.

    The story starts with the heroine Apu Biswas . She supposedly lives in Bangkok but studies in a Degree college which indicates a bit of carelessness from the part of the director and story writer.Her father Ali Raj is a henpecked husband of dominating Nuton.In her industry the workers protested for their rights and to stop their protest she decided to assassinate their leader.The moment he was going to be executed the hero Shakib Khan came into action and saved his life fighting against millions of villains.From there on the story became the age old family crisis saga where Shakib Khan enters the heroine's house in disguise,makes her fall in love and suddenly came to know how his parents were killed.

    Apart from the typical storyline the movie was quite entertaining especially for those who are not expecting some award-winning piece of art.Keep everything out of your head when you enter the cinema and there is absolutely no way you can hate this.finally,


  3. Despite the movie kicking off in a rather ordinary traditional fashion, focusing on a young man moving in and out of heart breaking struggles to support himself, it eventually does take a lot of twists to make the storyline very unique. Although it was a surprise to find such a flamboyant plot in a supposedly ordinary Bangladeshi movie,I was not surprised at all by the outstanding performance by Shakib Khan who totally nailed it with his breath taking performance.Very few movies these days are able to provide such a monstrous level of humorous appetite alongside such breathtaking action along with special effects,so to sum it all up,Yet another success under the championship belt of SHAKIB KHAN !!

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