DVD Ooops a Desi

DVD Ooops a Desi
DVD Ooops a Desi

Run time: 126 min
Rating: 7.6
Genres: Thriller
Director: C. Jenner Jose
Writers: C. Jenner Jose
Stars: BuAli Shah, Pragathi Yadhati, Adnan Khalid
Country: India
Release Date: 23 August 2013 (India)
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. Unquestionably one of the smartest films I've seen recently, the biggest strength is its unpredictability. The film's biggest accomplishment is the manner in which it compels you, the viewer to think differently – midway through the film you begin to expect the unexpected and keeps you involved through out. The cast is an unusual ensemble of non-names that look very professional. The Songs are very melodious but seems a bit out of place in trying to meet Bollywood songs requirements. The Director must definitely be inspired by movies like Pulp fiction and has managed to create his own style of Bollywood Fiction.

  2. Bollywood super hit films work on the premise 'keep your expectations low and you can tolerate the nonsense'. However Oops a Desi is a rare cinematic experience as far as Bollywood goes. It does not follow any Bollywood pattern and is a brave effort to give it the look it has. It's narration style ventures into unexplored territories of unpredictability not been seen in a while. Its like an anti-climax repeated several times. It keeps your brain cells on the toes and you better not sit back and relax if you don't want to appear dumb after wards. The performances have been superb and still it manages to have its own humorous moments as well. The only people who could end up hating this movie are folks who have very short attention span. For the rest of the movie goers this is a good engrossing watch.

  3. This movie is a hidden gem that can easily be lost in the Star-blotted Big studio Bollywood releases churned out every weekend. Caught this movie by accident and was blown away by the no-nonsense non-traditional approach this movie has adopted. This movie has no known names from the industry but still everyone stands out with incredible screen presence. Here the director has obviously tried to juggle too many production roles (as seen with most independent features) but still managed to pull of the act. The drawback of the film is there is no breather to relax; yes a couple of good catchy songs are thrown in but it does not give you the break from the sub-plots that keeping pulling you in. If you are a fan of movies with various sub-plots intersecting into the main plot and keep you on the edge of the seat guessing what will happen next; then this movie should not be missed.

  4. Ooops a Desi is a nifty 2 hour entertainer. Comedy is HILARIOUS! This movie is totally filmed in United States. Interesting fact about the movie is its narration. The story is told in a new fashion and Jenner Jose created a trademark with his new style of narration. There are very few directors who delineate story in their own style like Ram Gopal Varma, Anurag Kashyap etc and Jenner Jose falls in this category. It is hard to put the plot in few lines as the movie has several threads running parallel which are interlinked with one another. Focal points of the movie include well written dialogs, good actors, melodious songs and good cinematography. Buali Shah and Adnan Khalid were good. Pragathi Yadhati was stunning and looks like a blend of Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Negative points are the background score was not great, no emphasis on sentiments, fast pace that audience might get lost if they don't pay attention. I am giving excellent rating because some of the scenes made me laugh so hard, it is light heartening. Airport is heart touching. If you wanna have fun with friends, it is a good watch.

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