DVD Planet M

DVD Planet M
DVD Planet M

Run time: 70 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Marcia Kimpton
Writers: Marcia Kimpton
Stars: Marcia Kimpton, Anthony Taylor, David Alan Graf
‘Planet M’ is about one woman’s journey through the trials and travails of reality TV. Marcia, the lead character, has her own reality show, a loving family and tons of friends. But when she looks deeper she realizes she has become a part of the thing she hates most. With no choice but to fight the shackles of reality TV, we see her become besieged by corporate greed, scandal and impossible ultimatums. ‘Planet M’ is a dark comedy that, through Marcia, reflects how today’s American culture is obsessed with the fame and spectacle of reality TV . Written by Anonymous
Country: USA, Mongolia, Iceland, Germany

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