DVD Plush

DVD Plush
DVD Plush

Run time: 99 min
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writers: Catherine Hardwicke, Arty Nelson
Stars: Emily Browning, Xavier Samuel, Cam Gigandet
Mourning the loss of her brother/collaborator, a young rocker struggles to write music while juggling a jealous husband, two kids, and a mysterious new guitarist who will stop at nothing to become the most important person in her life. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: erotica
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 October 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $2,843 (USA) (13 September 2013)
Gross: $2,843 (USA) (13 September 2013)


  1. Someone must have the bravery to put down a couple of lines about this film, I'll sacrifice myself. A couple of hours ago I run into Plush, I've seen the trailer, and it looked alright, I've checked the director, and I just flicked Lords of Dogtown, so I went ahead unaware of how many films Hardwicke screwed up in the last 8 years or so. Plush is about a young rock star wretched for the lost of her beloved brother; insecure about her talent, she seeks comfort in her new guitarist,Enzo, whom seems nice, just a little weird he's going to turn eventually in the obsessed kind of lad… His rebus dictis, here we come to the sore point: this film is trite-fair, just a bunch of cliché about showbiz, bisexuality, daddy issues, Oedipus complex, being a nobody-gets-me artist, sex, drugs and so on. Samuel and Browning seemed to try hard but their efforts was cut short by the nonsense and the absurdity of the script, and that's a pity, because Samuel was really good as Ian from Adore and Browning knows how to get her job done. Photography wasn't that bad for at least 40 minutes, but when the film turns out to be a thriller or sort of, everything starts to sink.Even the music was annoying. The director puzzled me with nonsense addiction of black and white footage,predictable camera moves, some shabby light filter. Properly cut and edited,this film could have been a really good video for MTV, but nothing more.

  2. After reading some of these reviews I started thinking a better use of my time would be to hunt down all copies of "Plush" and destroy them to make the world a better place. So glad I didn't.

    While this movie certainly won't solve world hunger and seal the ozone layer, it did provide some interesting thoughts to ponder, and of course the story, though yes cliché at times (what rock n roll movie isn't??), it had enough suspense and twists to keep me riveted.

    I won't say much about the plot because almost anything is a spoiler. I'll just say that it's a story of a somewhat naïve young singer falling prey to the darker elements of the music business. But what makes it compelling is the subtle theme that these "darker elements" (pain, cruelty and other vices) are what make a successful artist. More about that later…

    I think some people came away with negative opinions because none of the characters are perfect, and you may find yourself hating them for stupid things they do. The main character "Hayley" (Emily Browning) is not a strong individual; she's no badass like Joan Jett or Siouxie or Amy Winehouse. No, Hayley is deliberately portrayed as a sort of fragile leaf in the wind who is easily coerced into doing unwise things. The story begins by implying that the death of her brother leaves her adrift, insecure and vulnerable. I think Emily Browning did a great job of playing such a character, foolish yet intelligent, and despite her questionable choices, we can still associate with her as someone who is trying to find her footing in life.

    Oh but don't expect the ABC afterschool special because "Plush" isn't afraid to get down & dirty. While there's not a lot of blood, gore & nudity shown on screen, violence and sexual situations are clearly implied. Not a good date movie, since most of the "intimate" scenes border on rape. But, going back to what I said earlier, these "darker elements" are central to the theme of the artist's passion.

    My only real gripe with the movie was that they didn't explore that more for us. I suppose the film plants the idea and we are supposed to ponder it ourselves. But still, I would've loved to see some powerful, chilling monologues (like in "Amadeus" where Salieri declares war on god for not giving him enough talent). But I suppose dramatic monologues like that would've sacrificed the plot's momentum. And the plot is clearly designed to be a roller-coaster from the very opening scene to the very last.

    That very same breakneck pace might be what turns some people off, thinking it's too unrealistic. But hey folks, this is rock n roll. Anything goes.

    I thought the soundtrack was nicely done. I didn't recognize any bands on the list, but the overall vibe was something like the dark 90s bands Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence & Tool. With just a splash of Hilary Duff. I think I read that Emily Browning actually sang vocals. If so she did a fine job. One thing to note is how the music gets more & more messed up as the film spirals down. The last song, "Half of Me (Enzo remix)" is so positively screwed up that it's almost a joke, but that's the point.

    If you like this movie I highly recommend other films that delve into the theme of depraved artists and what fuels them: "Art School Confidential", the Aussie rock n roll comedy "Garage Days", and sure why not… Oliver Stone's "The Doors".

  3. In spite of the fact that I really enjoy watching Emily Browning and Xavier Samuals (sp) as actors, this movie stank. It wasn't cute or exciting and there wasn't any real chemistry between the actors. I saw a review written here that was entitled Classic Stalker blah blah blah. Not even! It was truly a let down in every respect. I could barely get through it. It's one of those movies that you don't pause when you have to use the toilet. Watch it only if you're totally bored and literally have nothing better to do. So, that should basically be never. If you want to see Xavier Samuals in a decent movie, watch Adore (Perfect Mothers). If you want to see Emily Browning in a decent movie, watch anything else with her in it, even SuckerPunch. Thank you.

  4. A tale of obsession that turns dangerous. I actually quite liked this, then again I wasn't expecting much out of it (hence the cover) but I adore Emily Browning and I knew this role would be a lot different for her. She was terrific! The music was surprisingly catchy (call me a cheese-ball, but it's true), I found myself humming to some of the songs long after watching. It's definitely not boring and pretty much covered everything from romance and music to mystery and thriller with a hard learned lesson on family and marriage. I liked that it felt realistic. The American accents were done well from some of the Australian cast, but not perfect. The acting was above average. The ending was predictable and little cliché, yet necessary. The punk rock vibe was genuine.

    Was it scary? Hell no. Creepy? Yes, having a psycho band member stalk you, seduce you, who looks almost identical to your deceased brother is pretty messed up. If you like thrillers with a bit of edge, it's definitely worth a watch.

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