DVD Purachina dêta

DVD Purachina dêta
DVD Purachina dêta

Run time: 133 min
Rating: 5.5
Genres: Mystery | Sci-Fi
Director: Keishi Ohtomo
Writers: Keigo Higashino, Hideya Hamada
Stars: Kazunari Ninomiya, Etsushi Toyokawa, Honami Suzuki
Plot Keywords: two word title
Country: Japan
Release Date: 16 March 2013 (Japan)


  1. Set in the near future 2017, "Platinum Data" refers to an ideal system of keeping track of all the citizenry by means of their DNA especially with regards to solving crimes. Young genius Ryuhei Kagura makes this dream project a reality. However, when two key members of his own staff get brutally murdered, Ryuhei's own DNA was identified by the system as the perpetrator. Can Ryuhei prove his innocence and still get to the bottom of the crime against the autistic mathematical savant girl he loves, Saki?

    This DNA identification system is very much within the realm of reality even now. However, there are limitations which this film also delved on, which becomes the motives behind the crimes connected with the project. The way the program comes up with the composite three- dimensional image of a criminal based on the DNA-based clues he leaves behind is amazing. Also very interesting is the way of pinpointing actual locations of a person of interest based on his DNA data.

    The result is an absorbing and unpredictable suspenseful film that will keep you thinking to the end. The computer visual effects were very well-done. The actor who played Ryuhei underplays his showy role well. There were some dramatic elements which may bog the pace of the storytelling, but were interesting and novel in presentation, nevertheless, despite having familiar devices already previously used in many films of this genre. Recommended viewing!

  2. This is a movie about the future crime busting technology developed by a scientist who is suspected of involving in the crime himself. This technology is a program accumulating all the DNA database of all citizens whereby analyzing and matching the DNA evidence obtained from a crime scene to help provide the police with leads of suspects. The film starts with some murders happened at a hospital with an identical murder style that suggests the same serial killer is behind the job. Later CCTV surveillance showed the scientist was present at the scene of murder, leading to suspicion that he is involved. When he entered data of DNA into the database, he was surprised that DNA data matches his own and suggesting he was the killer. Police immediately try to take him back for investigation but as he was keeping the evidence data, he tries to escape. So who is the murderer? I wouldn't want to reveal the entire story, but i just want to comment that this film indeed is a little slow paced for me. The story could be good but there was some bland moment in the middle part that caused me to yawn. Overall, it would be worth watching if you are not in a hurry or in a relaxed mood. I'll give it a 6/10.

  3. Platina Data is a Japanese thriller / sci-fi / mystery. I mainly watched it because Kazunari Ninomiya was in it, but I also found the premise of the movie interesting. In the movie, Japan is developing a DNA database that has everyone in it. The main goal is to be able to solve crimes more easily. However, already at the beginning we can see that they have taken DNA profiling to the next level. When people closely related to the program die, a surprising series of events start. More would be spoilers.

    I found the movie interesting. The story had me glued to the screen. Though frankly, I knew who the killer was halfway through. It's usually the case with me. I probably watch too many crime shows. What did keep me watching was Nino's character, whose story was an integral part of the movie. The cinematography was excellent. Some pictures I was tempted to pause, because it spoke of so much. Silence is always more difficult than dialogue.

    The main character is played by Nino. He's a scientist working on the DNA system. I have watched him in other movies, and I always find him very good. He made me forget that it was Nino that I was watching. The other main character is Detective Reiji Asama (Etsushi Toyokawa), who is tasked with figuring out who committed the murder. While being a prolific actor, I actually haven't seen him in anything, but I'm definitely going to hunt some of his work down now.

    Overall, this is an exciting movie. It has many twists and turns, and I didn't even see them all coming! Worth checking out, even if you have to read the subtitles.

  4. This movie is a good combination of science fiction and thriller. Interesting twists come just at the right time, and when you least expect them. Story takes a new turn just when you think that everything ought to be straightforward from now on. There is not much of action as such and people looking for action will mostly be disappointed. Watch only if you have patience to stay till the end and I assure you, the movie won't disappoint you. There is a very dormant romantic storyline beneath the plot, which is barely recognizable even at the end. So bit of a disappointment there. But in all an okay type one time watch for people looking for a new science fiction story. There was no Japanese flavor in the story or plot. The characters, movie setting and sets are obviously Japanese, but that is the extent of the 'Japany-ness' of the movie. The storyline is like any English sic-fi.

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