DVD Red Runway

DVD Red Runway
DVD Red Runway

Rating: 0.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Yared Gebrekidan
Writers: Yared Gebrekidan, Ren Kennedy
Stars: Therés Amee, Steve Baran, Mittita Barber
RED RUNWAY is a racy suspense thriller that takes us on a journey through the world of Fashion where murder, money, manipulation, sex, drugs and unbridled jealousy are all steps to ensure success, as far as the Dane Agency’s former rising star Rachel is concerned. Once poised on the brink of success Rachel watched as her dream was dashed and all those around her basked in her spotlight. Ten years later Rachel is back and this time she will use any means possible to get what she wants…revenge. After newly crowned Dane Modelling Agency’s star Victoria is suddenly killed Rachel assumes responsibility for her orphaned son John and so begins the psychological manipulation and deception that fuels Rachel’s revenge. From the models who scorned her, to the heads of the agency that abandoned her – no one is beyond her reach. As the body count rises it is up to Detective Max to uncover the twisted truth and find who’s responsible. Does crime pay the second time around? Written by Yared Gebrekidan and Sheila Tyson
Country: Canada
Release Date: 31 December 2013 (Canada)

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