DVD Ridge War Z

DVD Ridge War Z
DVD Ridge War Z

Run time: 89 min
Rating: 3.4
Genres: Thriller | War
Director: Alek Gearhart
Writers: Alek Gearhart
Stars: Tyler Allen, Alek Gearhart, Kyle Gordon
The last surviving veterans of the worst battle of a zombie war recount their horrific memories to an author who is writing a book about their experiences.
Country: USA
Release Date: 5 November 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,000 (estimated)


  1. I had hard hard time believing the budget was only $1000, The Costumes and gear must have cost three times that at least, The camera work is fine and the picture isn't grainy or low resolution either, the acting in my opinion is pretty good too! The Budget is only evident when you notice the gunfire muzzle blast is added with a computer, and that the machine gun bullet belt is of a used one ..as you can clearly see the rounds are spent and reconstructed (the primers have been struck with a firing pin) but to be honest we can ALL forgive these little things because otherwise we are all just ridiculously anal. as "intrepidami" reviewed QUOTE: "Zombies coming right for them, right out in the open, no cover, they pause and have a really overdone dramatic 'bro moment' while…what? The zombies stopped to take a smoke break?" That Made me Laugh! because he/she was completely right about that!

    All in all a decent Movie.

  2. So what do you do with just a reported $1000 budget? Keep it simple. That's what these guys tried to do, and surprise, they pretty much pulled it off.

    Decent acting, not "I'd like to thank the Academy" but not bad. Obviously they don't have a large makeup budget, so there's hardly any gore. But the battle scenes are pulled off rather well. Better than much larger budget movies. There's no campy acting. There's nobody trying to upstage everybody else.

    The only really unrealistic thing here? Zombies coming right for them, right out in the open, no cover, they pause and have a really overdone dramatic 'bro moment' while…what? The zombies stopped to take a smoke break? I realize your actors are probably doing these movies trying to be seen by a major studio or something, but that was the most unrealistic part of a movie with..ZOMBIES in it!

  3. Max Brooks World War Z is a collection of stories regarding the titular 'World War Z'. Dozens of viewpoints and different stories combining to make an interesting read. Viewing Ridge War Z, it feels very much as if watching one of those very stories. There's no singular protagonist, no jet-setting, no over-the- top action sequences, nothing in fact that made the 190 million Brad Pitt film excruciating to watch.

    Anyone looking for a zombie killing gore fest is in for a major disappointment. The film is a drama, focusing on its characters, a very good decision regarding the low budget which might have seen us subjected to terrible grey makeup and bright red blood. (I'm certainly not taking a dig at the original Dawn of the Dead film! Don't think that for a minute) The zombies themselves don't appear on screen until an hour in, though they do attack (unseen) fifteen minutes earlier than that. This film is not about zombie killing; it's about the people doing the killing. Regarding acting, excellent although sometimes uneven, particularly when the scene requires anger but overall a good performance.

    The dialogue which might be considered lacking in quality actually makes for a greater sense of reality; they sound like soldiers because they sound like ordinary guys rather than the polished, 'what we would like to think they're like' model prone to patriotic or anti-war monologues that Hollywood has subjected us to for years,

    Once again, the focus on the characters and the scenes of the narrator typing their story is what makes it excellent viewing. Some may find the narration annoying but the narrator is the outsider, like the audience, looking in on the soldiers from the outside and trying to understand their experience and do it justice with the written word. Moments where he looks at what he has typed and wonders whether it's good enough naturally makes you think about the many civilian attempts to recount wars and their frequent failure to get it right.

    If low-budget SFX (I didn't mind, how a muzzle flash looks doesn't affect the telling of the story) non-million-dollar-pay-cheque acting and a lack of gore annoys you, then you will not like this film. If you're looking for a story that would fit neatly into Max Brooks World War Z,you've found it. If you just want an interesting take on the Zombie Genre, here it is.

    8.5 out of 10

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