DVD Satyanweshi

DVD Satyanweshi
DVD Satyanweshi

Rating: 6.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Rituparno Ghosh
Writers: Saradindu Bandopaddhyay, Rituparno Ghosh
Stars: Sujoy Ghosh, Indraneil Sengupta, Arpita Pal
Maharaja Arunangshu, the ruler of a princely state named Balabantpur,had made a wish list on his death bed in the presence of Dewan Chandrashekhar, the family physician Kaligati and the High Priest. It laid down certain conditions for his heir, his son Himangshu. The first of which forbade Himangshu from marrying a non Hindu girl, and the second demanded a legitimate heir within three years of his marriage. Bound by his father’s conditions of succession, Himangshu is compelled to marry Alaka, an aspiring actress. A year and half into the marriage, Harinath, the young palace librarian disappears without any trace. This mystery occasions the arrival of the sleuth Byomkesh and his author friend Ajit to Balwantpur. The visit though is under the pretext of an invitation for a hunting expedition. In course of their stay, they unfold many secrets involving the residents of the palace and about the topography of Balwantpur. Byomkesh is particularly intrigued by the character of Kaligati, the … Written by Aloke Majumder
Country: India
Release Date: 6 August 2013 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 40,000,000 (estimated)


  1. There are certain things that I wanted to write about the movie that left a bad taste in my mouth. Certain factors that have prompted me to organise a planchette and ask RG… WHY? But since I really don't want to critique 'The' Rituparno Ghosh's swan song, I would just enlist some points that might come in handy for anyone who's planning to watch 'Satyanweshi'…

    Things that work – The feel of the period shown, the location, the picturesque frames, the music (especially Manomoy's voice) , septuagenarian Sibaji's acting as kaligoti , the look of Indraniel and Arpita(she has never looked this beautiful) some witty lines which only RG could have come up with.

    Things that doesn't – the narrative of the story, some very slow sequences, uninspiring acting by mostly everybody, some dreadful casting, the ending, SUJOY GHOSH(with all due respect, even The Great Khali would have been a better Byomkesh, AMI SOTTI BOLCHI !), major alterations from the actual story by Saradindu Bandopadhyay.

    Why you should watch it – > RG's Swan Song > Anindya's return after subho muharat > you don't want to watch the Zanjeer remake > Nandan ticket priced@ Rs.30 > laugh at Sujoy Ghosh's acting.

    Things to remember: This is not a 'Byomkesh Bakshi' detective movie; it's a complex marital drama by RG where Byomkesh just features as a JAC (just another character). So, don't expect it to quench your mystery thirst (don't worry BBC's Sherlock 3 is just in the offing). But surely watch it to pay respect to one of the few auteurs that Indian cinema ever had.

    So long, RG!

  2. Perhaps the most vital thing for a film to work is a combination of script and casting. Unfortunately, the casting was totally off-center and the script fell weak.

    The emphasis, knowingly or unknowingly, was more on marital discord and Byomkesh Bakshi was reduced to a mere character. If you can ignore that, then this could be a watch at home.

    The pace of the film is another issue. Sometimes crippling and sometimes, just chugging along. Being the anal-eye that I am, the was throwing up with the computer graphics.

    You would, however, not take back anything from this film, other than the tunes composed by Debojyoti Mishra.

  3. Why, why, WHY was this allowed by any self-respecting Bangali to see the light of day? There sure is a crime involved in this story – and that is the brutal and vicious murder of one of the greatest icons of Bengali literature, Byomkesh Bakshi. It is also a highly irresponsible and arrogant act of ripping apart one of the best detective stories written in Bengali. What infernal right did Rituparno Ghosh have to do any of this? Most of the characters in the film cannot even pronounce Bengali words without a spurious "English" accent, Sujoy Ghosh (who is he??)included. No one can act to save their lives. Even the veteran actor playing Kaligati delivers his lines with unnatural pauses between words, in a singsong voice, reminding you of high school plays. Anindya as Ajit is tubby, insipid and only marginally better than the rest. And Sujoy Ghosh as Byomkesh makes you want to cry.

    When I watched Shubho Muhurat a long time ago, I was amazed by the taut screenplay, wonderful adaptation of the Agatha Christie story, and the handling of the mystery by the director. I can go back to that movie again and again to watch Rakhi, Sumanta Mukherjee and character actors like Rajesh Sharma. It is tragic to see the same director deliver something like "Satyanweshi." This film has scarred me for life.

    The 2012 Byomkesh film Anjan Dutt made with Abir Chatterjee and Saswata (based on Chitrachor) was an infinitely better film. That's because Anjan Dutt chose not to deviate from the story unnecessarily, wrote a really smart screenplay, and chose people who knew their business – i.e. acting. Although Abir lacked the polish and finesse of Saswata, he looked right and was competent if not scintillating. Keeping the narration in was a great idea too. Probably this movie worked because the director, for once, was not trying to be smart. Sometimes, it pays to acknowledge that you are not God but just another film director, who is capable of making bad movies as well as good ones.

    A bad film is a bad film. An awful film is an awful film, and it is not wrong to say so. Even if its director is dead, even if it is his "swan song", even if he has made some good movies in the past. And I think it is high time we grew up and stopped idolizing our "famous" Bengalis. Rituparno had potential, he made some good movies, and he made some bad movies. That doesn't make him any less. And it certainly does not make him God.

  4. Movie is dull. Casting was awful. Direction is pathetic.

    While there is a whole new wave of same old sleuth, private/consulting detectives being created worldwide, it is very likely to expect Byomkesh in a rejuvenated format. The re-incarnation of Sherlock created by BBC or our own Feluda by Sandip Ray has raised the bars. Byomkesh could not cross this hurdle. Even the two Byomkesh movies played by Aabir (I don't remember the names) was better.

    Even more irony – Ajit looked smarter and sharper than Byomkesh.

    You can refrain from watching this movie even if you are a die hard Byomkesh fan. No harm done. Nothing to lose.

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