DVD Scorned

DVD Scorned
DVD Scorned

Run time: 86 min
Rating: 4.5
Genres: Thriller
Director: Mark Jones
Writers: Mark Jones, Sadie Katz
Stars: Viva Bianca, Brooklynn Brokaw, Doug Drucker
If you’re going to cheat on your lover, don’t get caught. And if you do get caught, you’d better hope your lover isn’t secretly insane. Kevin (Billy Zane of TITANIC) learns the hard way when his girlfriend Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord of “90210”) discovers that he’s having a scorching affair with her best friend (Viva Bianca of “Spartacus”). Now Sadie has planned a romantic weekend getaway for just the three of them, complete with terror, torture and twisted psychosexual games. The trap is set. The party has begun. And tonight, hell hath no fury like a woman SCORNED. Written by Anchor Bay Entertainment
Plot Keywords: femme fatale
Country: USA
Release Date: 4 February 2014 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,700,000 (estimated)


  1. Mark Jones (Leprechaun) & Sadie Katz (House of Bad) have put together a really fun dark comedy.

    The premise is simple, a pair of love birds head out for a romantic weekend but the plans are derailed when the boyfriend(Billy Zane) is found out to be a cheater. The girlfriend (AnnaLynne McCord) learns of the situation and becomes unglued and then the fun begins.

    Many of Mark Jones films feature malevolent midget monsters but with Scorned Jones & Katz have created the monster girlfriend that every man should rightfully fear.

    The movie is worth seeing just to watch AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Dallas) ratchet up the crazy!!!

  2. I recently watched this with my girlfriend and the scenario intrigued us both as I myself like the idea of having the character you are fond of have the higher power. The hit back techniques against the people who have done unforgivable things to us where great and some bits made me giggle. Unsure why.

    The script was absolutely terrible I thought. Anyone can write this. There's no significant meanings behind anything here. Surely there could of been a rewrite because I wanted to turn the film off in the first 10 minutes.

    AnnaLynne McCord is what the film had spot on for itself. She is outstanding and she really has a sublime career in her reach. She just needs the people to work to have more experience to adapt to her incapable emotional rollercoasters that she can portray so easily. She deserves a lot from this but the other actors have very few opportunities ahead of them. Ill give this a 5 because of AnnaLynne McCord. 5/10.

  3. A romantic weekend turns horrific and sadistic when Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord)discovers her boyfriend (Billy Zane) is having an affair with her best friend (Viva Bianca).

    If you are looking for a film about a kidnapper who tortures her victims for perceived wrongdoing, you will be better off with "Misery" (referenced here) or "Death and the Maiden". Despite a decent cast (I never tire of seeing Billy Zane), this plot is just not all that special and comes across as disposable — despite a strange subplot / twist relating to a nearby prison…

    In fact, this film probably deserves a 3 out of 10, but I cannot bring myself to do that because of one thing: AnnaLynne McCord. I loved her in "Excision", and now she has returned better than before. Some people do a good job playing crazy, and some (Jack Nicholson) are born for it. McCord may be in this category. A terrible film, yes, but an Oscar-worthy performance. If she gets the right roles, we may not have seen the last of her yet…

  4. Decent little Anchor Bay movie with some twists, and a nicely unfolding story line. Billy Zane plays what appears to be mostly himself, and the little lost girl from Degrassi is truly all grown up now. The overall story is good, and most of the acting is good enough, the main plot is unfolded for you really nicely like I said, but there are a lot of big holes in the actual reality of this little movie that some of them just break the movie. I won't get too much into that I am reviewing the movie, not summarizing it, but a rich man would know how to press the emergency button on his alarm panel on any one of a number of occasions. So my overall impression of this film is that of a scattered mess that could have been a nice psycho woman scorned story, and I didn't Enjoy most of it because of the holes that would just never be. I don't really recommend this movie, sorry, but it is not actually good enough for that.

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