DVD Slime City Massacre

DVD Slime City Massacre
DVD Slime City Massacre

Run time: 85 min
Rating: 4.7
Genres: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: Greg Lamberson
Writers: Greg Lamberson
Stars: Jennifer Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon
In the wake of a “dirty bomb” attack, a New York City neighborhood known as “Slime City” has been evacuated, except for the homeless (“displaced refugees”). Four squatters searching for food in the ruins of the Zachary Devon Soup Kitchen (Jennifer Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon, Lee Perkins) discover a supply of Zachary Devon’s Home Brewed Elixir and Himalayan Yogurt. When they drink the elixir and eat the yogurt, they are transformed into hideous slime creatures driven to murder – an intermediate step as they are possessed by the spirits of Zachary Devon (Robert Sabin) and the members of his Coven of Flesh, who committed suicide years earlier. When a greedy developer (Roy Frumkes) sets his sites on Slime City, he hires a team of mercenaries (Nelron Hubbard, Tommy Sweeney, T.J. Merrick, Eric Mache, and Nicholas John Morgan Anderson) to wipe out the homeless population. It’s a battle royal between the Slime Heads, the mercenaries, and bloodthirsty mutant cannibals! A loving … Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: slime, new york city, wine, sequel, cult film
Country: USA
Release Date: 17 March 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $50,000 (estimated)


  1. Desperate fugitives Cory (a solid and likable performance by Kalan Patrick Burke) and Alexa (an equally sturdy turn by pretty blonde Jennifer Behl) seek refuge from a totalitarian government in the bleak ruins of New York City seven years after a major bomb explosion. Cory and Alexa encounter fellow survivors Mason (well played by Lee Perkins) and Alice (an outstanding portrayal by the great Debbie Rochon). The quartet discover a hidden cache of booze and yogurt which has the unfortunate side effect of causing them to mutate into murderous slime-dripping subhuman freaks who are possessed by the spirits of the dead. Complications ensue when a band of mercenaries are sent in by ruthless real estate developer Ronald Crump (a funny cameo by Roy Frumkes) to clean up the neighborhood. Writer/director Gregory Lamberson does an excellent job of creating and sustaining a grim tone which becomes more increasingly bleak and unnerving as it unfolds; it's genuinely upsetting to see the four main characters devolve into pathetic pasty-faced addicts (Alice in particular gets the worst of it as she melts into a puddle of vile green goo in a bathtub). Moreover, Lamberson makes inspired use of the dirty'n'desolate urban locations, delivers gobs of grisly gore (gruesome highlights include a foot being bitten off, two beer bottles being crammed in a man's eye sockets, and a head getting split open with a meat cleaver), and tops everything off with a very wicked sense of pitch-black gallows humor. We even get a few gross sweaty sex scenes, a cool thrashy hard rock soundtrack, and disturbing flashbacks depicting crazed religious fanatic Zachary (a chillingly serene Robert C. Sabin) holding sway over his flock. Chris Santucci's slick cinematography gives the picture an impressively polished look. The spare shivery score by Mars of Dead House likewise does the shuddery trick. The thrilling last third really comes through with the splattery goods and concludes everything on a satisfying downbeat note. A good little indie flick.

  2. I saw this film as part of the Bronx Film Festival and was truly blown away by its production value. The movie looks fantastic and has just the right mix of wit and horror to keep you engaged. There is no reason this should not be playing on big screens across the country.

    In a post-dirty bomb NYC, four squatters hide out in the remains of an old building and discover what happens when they consume some "yogurt." What happens…is not quite what you might expect.

    Each of the four leads are fantastic, and much of their interplay may remind audiences of Dawn of the Dead, though the atmosphere is much grittier and the danger seems more real. A cameo by Roy Frumkes as a Donald Trump spoof adds to the fun. The direction is also excellent, and I especially love the mise-en-scene in most of the flashback scenes.

    But where the movie goes above and beyond are the visual effects, which are some of the most creative I have EVER seen in a movie. Alice's fate in particular both made me squirm and left me in awe. I would certainly rank this film as superior to something such as Avatar or other recent Hollywood blockbusters because not once during Avatar did I ever wonder "How on Earth did they do that?" Here I wondered that quite a bit. The visual effects in this movie help carry a story that, despite being a thriller, has a lot of heart. And that's what the magic of cinema is all about.

    I should mention that I've never seen the original Slime City. I definitely hope to as soon as I get a chance, and will then check this film out again, as I'm sure I will gain an even better understanding of this story and its characters. Regardless, Slime City Massacre is a fun, creepy, amusing, and ultimately rewarding experience for any audience, whether they like horror or not.

  3. I loved slime city so I was really looking forward to Slime city massacre. The sequel is set in a post dirty bomb New York where the authorities have left the people of the city to fend for themselves. We follow a group of four survivors who stumble upon the 'Elixir' and 'Himalayan yogurt' from the first movie. Upon finding it they consume it and succumb to it's side effects which include horniness, melting and homicidal tendencies due to being possessed by ancient cult members souls.

    During all this we are treated to flashbacks of the cult where we get a better understanding of how and why it all started. If your a fan of the original or any of Lambersons other movies you'll be pleased to see a lot of familiar faces.

    The film itself is really well acted and the effects are great. The only effect I didn't like was the dirty bomb explosion at the beginning because it looked terrible. The slime looked great and all the gore effects were really well done considering the budget this film must have had. I was disappointed that the Slimehead versions of our main characters weren't used enough because they looked really cool. Each having their own neon coloured slime and facial prosthetics. They could have also been a little more murderous as the main character was in the original movie.

    I do have a few complaints though. Some of the editing was quite jarring, some scenes flowed awkwardly into others. Also a couple of the characters were a bit pointless. The mole people for example are shown twice once near the start and once at the end they just seemed to be little redundant. These few criticism are all I have of the movie as a whole.

    The ending was slimeily satisfying and was a great finale to a worthy sequel to slime city. The Slime has been appeased.

  4. SLIME CITY MASSACRE opens in the late 50's where we are introduced to Zachary Devon (Robert C. Sabin), who runs a soup kitchen and apartment building. Zachary offers a young prostitute a good meal and a place to really belong.

    Fast-forward to 2009 and a dirty bomb is set of in New York City. Seven years later the city (Slime City as it has now been renamed) is a wasteland inhabited by scavengers and other assorted nasties. Into this arrive fugitives Alexa (Jennifer Bihl) and Cory (Kealan Patrick Burke). They seek shelter in a seemingly deserted building. They quickly learn the place is inhabited by two hardened squatters Mason (Lee Perkins) and Alice (Debbie Rochon). Mason and Alice agree to let Alexa and Cory stay only because of a set of skeleton keys that Cory holds in his possession. Mason and Cory head out into the wasteland to scavenge for food, The pair find the ruins of Zachary's soup kitchen. Within they discover a stash of "home brewed elixir" and "Himalayan yogurt".

    Taking their haul back to their hide-out the four proceed to devour their find. Fortunately and unfortunately the combination of elixir and yogurt has both a sexually side effect and a slimly side effect. The sex is hot but the slime most be appeased!

    First let me state that I love this film though I'm a little bit biased (which I'll get to later)! I had the lucky experience of viewing a screening in Pittsburgh and then attending a Q & A after wards with Actress Debbie Rochon and Wirter/Director Greg Lamberson.

    As of late I've found myself longing for films like the ones back in the 80s when a glut of fun and unique videos crowded the shelves. Filmmakers (read independent) seemed to want to make good films that were enjoyable and unique. (Of course the video market signed it's on death certificate because of that glut. And sadly to this day the Hollywood machine keeps churning out the same product over and over with a new name.) And that is where SCM achieves high marks The film looks like it was made in the 80s and not simply a retro look either. While this film has the feel of 80s horror and touches of 70's Sc-i-Fi, it never comes across as derivative of those works. Not only that but Lamberson's SLIME CITY MASSACRE is filled with wonderful levels of dark tongue-in-cheek humor (love those brains!).

    There will be some that will be disappointed that the gore level is not massive, as in SLIME CITY. The effects work quite well for the most part (there's tongue scene that falls a little short). But there are others that work perfectly: Alice's dismembered face floating in a tub of orange slime, crawling slimy brains, broken bottles shoved into eye sockets – brilliant!

    While the story is well crafted and the visual aspects top notch, what elevates SCM as a film above even big studio productions is the caliber of acting found within. All the main actors play well off one another. There are names here many genre fans will recognize (such as Lloyd Kauffman) but there were numerous names I sadly didn't know. But I know them now and will give their other films a chance solely based on their performances in SCM.

    Now the biased part: Debbie Rochon. I think, and have for many, many years, that she is a highly underrated Actress. I said Actress, not Scream Queen. Sure she can scream but she is one hell of an Actress too. Much better than the tripe that are named in Big Studio productions. And she shines here. The dismembered face scene alone could have degenerated into simply a cheesy, laughable bit that was quickly dismissed. But not so due to Rochon's ability to convince you that the events playing out on the screen are very real. Its called acting folks – look it up!

    While this is a sequel to Lamberson's 1988 classic SLIME CITY and contains some inside jokes for fans of that film (along with subtle nods to other 80s horror and sci-fi), you don't need to have seen the original to enjoy SCM. I think that is a part of the genus within the film. If you've seen SLIME CITY you'll want to see this. And if you haven't seen it you'll find yourself running out to purchase the original.

    If you're a fan of 80's style horror, the original SLIME CITY, Debbie Rochon or just damn good entertainment, do yourself a favor and see this film! I know I can't wait to see it again.

    Philip R. Rogers

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