DVD Solo

DVD Solo
DVD Solo

Run time: 76 min
Rating: 6.9
Genres: Thriller
Director: Marcelo Briem Stamm
Writers: Marcelo Briem Stamm
Stars: Patricio Ramos, Mario Verón, Carlos Echevarría
A sexy, romantic and uncomfortably chilling tale of love and deception from first time director Marcelo Briem Stamm. Handsome middle class Manuel (Patrico Ramos), hurt by his previous relationship and bored being alone, meets Julio (Mario Veron), a rugged, lonely, unemployed young man in a chat room. The two eventually meet up in person and the sexual spark is quickly ignited. And while sex is satisfying and frequent, it is their collective problems with intimacy, trust and the fear of being hurt that make them hesitant to commit fully. As their relationship develops, both reveal secrets from their past but these revelations might be real, imagined or outright lies. Who is being truthful, who is real, and who truly loves the other? All is revealed in this romantic, passionate drama/thriller that offers a shocking, strangely satisfying conclusion. (Spanish with English subtitles) Written by RM
Plot Keywords: sex, internet hook up, gay relationship, gay, gay lead character
Country: Argentina
Release Date: 17 October 2013 (Argentina)
Box Office
Budget: $30,000 (estimated)


  1. Honestly, when I first watched this film, somehow it's a little bit boring. Well, I think this is a low budget film, the cast only 5 people and mostly 80% shooting only in the same room of an apartment.

    But, I was surprise as the plot growing more complicated. The lead actor, Patricio Ramos as Manuel, played an innocent post-breakup gay and meet Mario Verón as Julio from online chatting. They have a different personality. Somehow, Julio look like the bad guy with tattoo and unclear past.

    Interesting life in just one night stand. The whole plot only happened whole night with flash back sometimes. Sex made, emotion build and future planned. But the truth conceal when another truth reveal a lies.

  2. A good thriller which keeps you guessing. It could have been with straight characters as it is about one night stands etc but more intense as it is gay with risks of going off with people without telling others where you are going or who with etc. Slightly predictable but still has quite a shocking ending. well acted. The men are cute which of course helps but aren't really necessarily good looking for the plot. It is their psychological situations rather than physical looks that determine the plot. It is a bit titillating and soft porn in places but it does add to the story rather than gratuitous, for example, it is what they do or don't do sexually that develops their relationship and the story development.

  3. From all the gay movies I have seen, the Argentineans are taking the top prizes. This movie has excellent performances by Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón. I would say that my rating is because of the performance and not the actual movie.

    The plot is very predictable. You could say that some of the emotions and actions are "justifiable", but the overall plot doesn't make much sense. Saying this, I have to say that the movie compared to the cheesy American gay theme movies, it is worth watching.

    Applause to both Verón and Ramos. Very proud of them. You guys are very talented. I hope we can see more of your work in the coming years.

  4. (see upbeat UPDATE at end after second viewing)

    I loved the first part of this movie because it was very well written and acted, but the sexual attraction between Julio and Miguel was completely unconvincing. Weekend is much better in that regard (and in every other way too – there are too many superficial similarities to avoid comparing the two movies).

    Julio and Miguel were naked a lot, and the two actors are very, very attractive as individuals, but I never believed in them as a couple. The dialog was sexy, but the physical interaction between them was so tightly choreographed that it was more like ballet than sex. I found myself wishing for more talk and less sex, which is a first. Their conversations were fascinating; their sex was cold and phony.

    The story was pretty stupid, especially when it turned psycho at the end, but no more so than classic psycho thrillers like Psycho – realism is not a hallmark of the genre.

    For acting and intelligent dialog, Solo is a definite winner. I'm amazed that this is the only feature-length film either actor has made so far; they're both extraordinarily good looking and talented. But the story is overwrought, the sex unbelievable, and the ending tiresome and very predictable.

    UPDATE: I watched it again and liked it much more the second time. Knowing the ending makes me appreciate the writing even more than I already did. It is very intelligent and cleverly constructed. The sex is still unbelievable and cold, but everything else is really good. I'm adding four more stars.

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