DVD Sororal

DVD Sororal
DVD Sororal

Rating: 7.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Sam Barrett
Writers: Sam Barrett, Robbie Studsor
Stars: Nicola Bartlett, Austin Castiglione, Vito de Francesco
Country: Australia
Release Date: 13 March 2014 (Greece)

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  1. I watched Sororal as part of the Horrorant "Fright nights" festival. I was pretty excited with the whole festival as a horror fan.

    The lights went off and on the black screen we saw the images of the female lead's paintings. It was a start that gained and lost many people in the audience. And then the story begins.

    We have a serial killer, murders, a traumatized female lead and a weird connection between her past and the killer. Acting was OK for most of the cast (the bride-to-be was not that good in my opinion). I don't even remember the soundtrack (neither amazing, nor annoying). Colours were deep and reminded me those of a "giallo" film (like many other elements in this film).

    The story started really good. The plot was interesting with some creepy moments, the characters were introduced nicely. We saw blood but no actual gore, something that kept the viewers watching and didn't make them to look away from the screen. The basic idea is quite original and fresh. What changed everything (even the movie's genre in a way), were the last few minutes the movie. The last few unexpected seconds had me laughing while trying not to gather attention on me. It wasn't the ending, but the way it was delivered that I didn't expect. Maybe they wanted to use more effects, maybe they wanted to give a lighter final feeling. If so, they succeeded, but not the way they intended to.

    My last impression is that the film is simply OK. It's nothing unpleasant or extremely special. It also has something different (at least I don't remember having seen anything similar. If the last minutes were differently presented, it could have been a quite good film. Overall, it was a nice effort with a wrong turn somewhere near the end.

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