DVD Sortie 67

DVD Sortie 67
DVD Sortie 67

Run time: 100 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Action | Crime | Drama
Director: Bastien Jephté
Writers: Bastien Jephté
Stars: Henri Pardo, Benz Antoine, Jacquy Bidjeck
Ronald, an eight year-old biracial boy, sees his life turning upside down after witnessing the brutal murder of his mother by his father. Often moved from one foster home to the next, Ronald is recruited by a street gang where he dwells in a life of crime and violence. As he waits for his father to be released to avenge his mother, he realizes that he doesn’t have to follow his father’s footsteps or the path chosen for him. Against all odds, he takes control of his own destiny. His awakening to new humane values enables him to change change course despite the obvious risk of losing the only family he has ever known. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: hooker, prostitute, drug debt, man in wheelchair, gangsta
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1 April 2011 (Canada)

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  1. First off, in the quebec scene, this type of gangster or street gang movie is pretty rare indeed. Not that i usually gravitate towards these movies usually, but since it is local, and the director himself told me about his movie i decided to give it a shot.

    To start off, altought this movie ain't perfect, and yes it has it flaws, there was some good points.

    First off i take off my hat in respect for the Director Bastien Jephté for making an Urbain quebec movie. Altought this is not my kind of movie usually, there is a audience for this kind of movie. And i appreciate that Director Bastien Jephté brought a movie like this for them.

    For the acting, I'm shared. There are some strong performances, and some weaker. For the main part, the main casting is pretty good and convincing. Bringing some well appreciated multidimensional characters into the movie. But i must admit, some of the supporting cast is somewhat weaker. For the strong part, the best example would be the father and son reunion. Pretty gripping and well done. Also Benz Antoine's performance was well executed. For the downers, is the acting from the foster mother in the beginning of the movie. It felt somewhat forced, and also abit lost in translation with the editing style. This problem sometimes re ocurres throughout the movie. But it is often overshadowed with the stronger performances of the main actors.

    For the visual style, it has nice moments, especially in the more slower and dramatic sequences. Bastien Jephté found a nice balance in those type of scenes to establish enough drama and sense of urgency. But in some other scenes, i would of preferred of less slow motions, or stylized style. But that is just a personal taste. Some will appreciate those moments. But in my case it just slows down the story without adding much to it.

    Overall, if you like Urbain/gangster movies, or curious about the urban life of kids in Montreal, you should check this. I probably would of never picked up this movie is i would not of meet Bastien Jephté, but i am glad i did.

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