DVD Soulmate

DVD Soulmate
DVD Soulmate

Run time: 104 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Mystery
Director: Axelle Carolyn
Writers: Axelle Carolyn
Stars: Anna Walton, Tom Wisdom, Tanya Myers
Country: UK
Release Date: 26 October 2013 (UK)


  1. This is the sort of thing that used to be the staple Christmas Fayre on the TV . You can imagine this being shown as a Family Ghost story to scare the young children and to take their mind off Santa Claus . Its a low budget moody,atmospheric tale that I will guess will flop badly at the box office (assuming it even makes it that far) . However , its in the main a very enjoyable simple drama that doesn't require you to think too much . Anna Walton is excellent in the lead (though she needs to work at bit at miming how to play a violin) . There are a couple of loud bangs to make you jump…a little bit of tomato sauce…a bit of ghostly make up….but other than that there aren't too many really scary moments to have you gripping the seat .But to be fair it doesn't pretend to be that sort of film . Its apparently got a certificate of 15…heaven knows why…kids will love it !

  2. Audrey (Anna Walton) is a recent, young widow who is plagued by the premature death of her husband. She attempts suicide to escape her pain, but her failure leads her to an even deeper depression. She escapes to a remote cottage in the Wales countryside to be in solitude and to work on her music once again. Audrey soon hears noises coming from a locked room in the cottage, only to eventually learn that it is haunted by the previous owner, Douglas Talbot (Tom Wisdom). Axelle creates suspense, both with the accompanying music score and with the camera. However, the jump-in-your-seat shocks happen when you least expect them! I admit, I flinched several times and on one occasion, actually let out a quick scream, much to my embarrassment. Instead of running away from her ghostly house mate, Audrey befriends him, much to his amazement. Their friendship develops beautifully; each one helping the other cope with the torments of their past. There is a love for one another, one much deeper than the other, though.

    Anna is superb as Audrey; you feel her pain along with her, often with a knot in your stomach as she tries to make it through each day. As her tension relaxes with her new supernatural friend, you experience the warm, fuzzy feelings during their unique moments of camaraderie. Simple gestures, such as playing chess together (as Douglas struggles to move the pieces to the desired space with his energy), leaves you with a sweet smile. And when Audrey feels terror, you feel it with her.

    This film is unlike any you have seen Tom Wisdom in before; his true acting colors shine through in his portrayal of Douglas. Tormented from his past, he has struggled for thirty years in loneliness as no one has ever been able to see or hear him until Audrey came along. As Audrey asks him personal questions, his silent stares make you uncomfortable, which is precisely what he was aiming for. From his sweet, gentle demeanor to his explosive anger, Tom flexes his acting chops in the film. You adore him and are completely terrified of him all in two hours. His deathly makeup only adds to the character, making him completely believable as a long-dead man.

    I always enjoy twists at the end of films that I didn't see coming, which Axelle delivers perfectly. An ending that one doesn't anticipate in the least, I actually heard some quiet gasps in the audience around me (myself included). The film was dark, Gothic, hauntingly romantic, and in a word, fantastic.

  3. Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate is an atmospheric Gothic chiller that entertains but ultimately fails to deliver on its initial promise. The story begins with a very graphic suicide attempt by Audrey, a beautiful young musician who – we later learn – has survived a car crash in which her husband died. Audrey likewise survives the attempted suicide but, finding that friends and family cannot understand her feelings, she retreats to a remote country cottage in order to reassess her life.

    Upon arrival Audrey is greeted by the rather over-friendly owner, Theresa, who lives just down the road with her husband Dr Zellaby. When Audrey later reports strange noises coming from a locked upstairs room at night, Theresa and Dr Zellaby appear strangely reluctant to investigate. Eventually, the ghost of the cottage's previous owner, Douglas, manifests himself to Audrey. Over successive days, Douglas and Audrey get to know each other. As they become closer Douglas begins to take an increasingly physical form. So far, so The Ghost and Mrs Muir, but where is this relationship actually going to go? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is: into soap opera territory.

    There are no real scares in Soulmate, although writer-director Carolyn does a good job of creating a Gothic atmosphere in the first half. But for one thing, this seems like the kind of film that you would watch over the Christmas season, with a glass of whisky or mulled wine to hand. However, it is hard to imagine the TV programmers showing the ghastly suicide attempt that opens the film. In fact, I felt that this opening sat somewhat uneasily with the rather traditional fare that followed.

    The actors all turn in solid performances and Anna Walton is very watchable as the pale, introspective Audrey. However, someone should have pointed out to her that when you play the violin your fingers should actually move over the strings.

  4. Expecting an atmospheric and moody ghost story, I watched this movie supposing it would be an average horror movie with lots of clichés in the ghost genre but at least entertaining. Well, it has nothing to do with what I was thinking about! It's creepy worse!! The suspense and the chills quickly were transformed into boredom but the really good stuff comes when a "beautiful" (I would say ridiculous, but OK…) story of friendship between AUNDREY (the main character) and DOUGLAS (her ghost friend!!!) arise. I mean, can you think of a more idiotic idea than a love triangle with a… ghost??! I can't!! The main idea of this movie is ridiculous by itself, but the way the plot develops turns it even worse: The lost love; the old romances; jealousy; the girl who is lost in her life and is helped by the ghost's friendship; the ghost that falls in love for the living girl and wants to be with her forever… Oh… my… God! What crap is that?? This plot is absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense!! Besides this "great" plot, this movie is terribly slow paced, with lots of boring scenes, and the acting is not convincing as well. A straight 1/10!

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