DVD Suburban Zero

DVD Suburban Zero
DVD Suburban Zero

Run time: 75 min
Rating: 6.7
Genres: Mystery
Director: Nicholas Wightman
Writers: Nicholas Wightman
Stars: Nicholas Wightman, Carter Doyle, Nathan Hill
The suburbs are a labyrinth. A man is stuck. There are many forks. Anxieties form. Friends become relative. Everyone is walking. Two men refuse coerced vision. Movement in still life. Retribution from the sky. Intermittent head trauma. What is that building? Where is Uncle Jean? Who is the man from the DVD? Have you mown the lawn? What is a Suburban Zero? The dream ends here. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: surrealism, police, flashback, independent film
Country: Australia
Box Office
Budget: $100,000 (estimated)

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