DVD Sura

DVD Sura
DVD Sura

Run time: 159 min
Rating: 2.6
Genres: Action
Director: S.P. Rajkumar
Writers: S.P. Rajkumar
Stars: Vijay, Tamannaah Bhatia, Vadivelu
Plot Keywords: fisherman, box office flop
Country: India
Release Date: 30 April 2010 (India)


  1. I can't believe I sat through the whole running time. This is undoubtedly the worst attempt at a movie (no, I'm not going to call it a movie) I have seen. A movie entirely based on idolizing, worshiping and butt-kissing a self proclaimed super star who attempted, but failed, and failed miserably in trying to use this as a platform for his supposed entry into politics. It's not the anti-logic in the movie script that annoys me the most, it's not the comedy bit played by Vadivelu that made me weep in agony…it's the sheer arrogance in which the director has gone about in making this…this thing the way it is. A floor mop and a water bottle could have played Tamanna Bhatia's role better. Watch this movie, only if you like torture as a form of entertainment. No, actually, just don't watch this movie.

  2. This film may be Vijay's 50th film but it does not offer anything new at all.We have seen this crap again and again in all his previous films so Sura is kinda boring.

    ACTING : poor performance by everyone in this movie,its high time Vijay chose his films carefully.

    SONGS : worst.

    COMEDY: bad,Vadivelu does not evoke any laughter not even with that stupid name of his.

    the only positive thing about this damn movie is Vijay's dance.

    OVERALL :if u wanna see hell then i recommend this crap

  3. Please give us an option of 0 stars. Its very useful particularly when such movies are been made and reviewed. One of the most horrible movies I have ever seen in my 20 years of life! I paid some 140 bucks for this thrash. I would have donated that money to an orphanage or at least bought myself a beer. Seriously a crap movie. Not many will believe that I am a Vijay fan. I was never ashamed of calling myself a Vijay fan but if Vijay continues to make such movies, then i guess a lot of fans will turn against him. I mean this is totally out of the world (of course in the negative sense).

    The movie begins with our home made Michael Phelps swimming from the sea and reaching the shore and singing and dancing. Only he was happy for his survival in the movie. He helps his ignorant friends who are so stupid to mortgage their ration cards. Hero is a self proclaimed Mgr (sorry Mgr fans). Then villain is a completely bad guy. Smuggler + gangster + politician = villain (he is supposed to be better than any underworld don). Heroine, the copycat, is really beautiful and thinks the hero is the only handsome guy in the whole world.

    As the story evolves (if there was a story), the hero wants to build homes for his area people. Villain wants their land. He tries killing the hero but our hero is very very strong. He survives hits on his head and even after they try to burn him, he comes out alive. He challenges the villain. And the movie is all about how he succeeds in the challenge.

    Songs are completely out of place. The Telugu Billa rips are misplaced in this movie. Tammana looks beautiful but her acting skills makes her unbearable. Villain has done a great job in Magadheera but was utterly wasted in this movie. Direction was awful.

    Positives from this movie is really hard to pick. But i would say Vijay dance needs some mention. It was like one black hair on the head of an 80 year old man.

    I wont recommend this movie even to my sworn enemies. I have one piece of advice for Vijay. Look I am your fan. but please don't do thrash like this. People around you are gaining better fame and name and they have done just half the number of movies you have done. Mahesh Babu remakes are enough. At least try ripping Ramirez Khan or Shah Rukh Khan movies. They may suit you and will give you a break from stereotype movies!

  4. I had gone to this movie first day SECOND SHOW…..full of crap and nothing impressive in the movie at all and its all like vijay movies with no logic whats so ever CRAP AND .so are the songs worse except "BHOMMAAIY" but it taken from tollywood Billa.The direction is poor acting is poor.only positive in the movie is Vijay dance.He is at his bes in dancing..and comedy failed to impress the crowd .

    stunts are filled with unnecessary slow motion scenes and slow screenplay.Vijay never improve his acting until he knows the dedication to story line and acting.Better he need to go tuition to Sree Kamal sir for acting improvisation acting is poor.only positive in the movie is Vijay dance.He is at his bes in dancing..and comedy failed to impress the crowd .

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