DVD The Codex

DVD The Codex
DVD The Codex

Run time: 125 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama
Director: Travis Carlson
Writers: Travis Carlson, Travis Carlson
Stars: Travis Carlson
An everyday young man is reluctantly forced into a great adventure across exotic, dangerous terrain with the assistance of diverse characters after realizing an ancient Mayan Codex with priceless value to the medical community is locked in his long-detached father’s art collection. The obstacles are raised when they discover the over-controlling father buried himself with all of his treasures somewhere in the world as a final, spiteful challenge to his son. Once in the unforgiving wilderness they must battle for every step of their twist-laden quest against not only the elements but the father’s greedy ex-partner. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA, Canada

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