DVD The Last Zombi Hunter

DVD The Last Zombi Hunter
DVD The Last Zombi Hunter

Run time: 60 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: S.N. Sibley
Stars: Chris J. Allan, Cate Beattie, Simon Craig
Country: UK

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  1. A Grave For The Corpses; when watching the first ten minutes I noticed terrible sound, re-used shots in the driving sequence and even some scene's that weren't lip sync. For me that was almost a reason to turn it of but when the first zombie appeared, when you watch closely, you see that the make-up was laughable and that he even loses on of his eyes. In the next shot he got his eye back but then again the eye was gone. There is even some trouble with his fake dentals. A-ha low budget, I could even say ultra low budget. So that was a reason to watch further. You will notice all kinds of technical shortcomings, bloopers and some actors or crew winking to the camera. All that reminded me of a Dutch flick I was once send by the director, called "Zaag". Zaag was a spoof, can't really say that about this flick but still it is funny in a cheesy way. Sibley knew about his shortcomings and on purpose made it cheesy. Due all the problems I must say that he knew how to shoot with a camera and how to edit. Naturally, the main problem for folks who hasn't got the English language as spoken words is to understand the Sunderland accent. Being myself a British freak I must say I had to listen carefully to get it all. There are no subs on the DVD and none of the other DVD's. The acting is by some really wooden and even theatrical. Just see how the violist dies. But somehow that kind of acting really works in those kind of flicks. As I said before, the effects used are really cheap due the microscope budget and reminded me of another Dutch flick, the much sought "Zombiegore". or the earlier obscure "Zaag". You see that the crew and actors really had fun making those flicks. Watch the fight scene, see them smile. But look at the first Ittenbach flicks, they were, be honest, almost unwatchable. Or watch Within The Woods (1978) from Raimi/Campbell and see what they did once they had money. The score was okay for me, I like Goth and with bands like Uninvited Guest or Libitina things can't go wrong.

    A Home For The Bullet; Pushing the start button, two things came clear. The sound was much better and there was improvement on the editing and Axel Falcon was back again. It was funny to see the use of footage from Troma's War and by mentioning that, yes, Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma fame) did appear in both flicks. But it's still a problem of money. Sadly the blood and gunshots are done by cheap CGI. Sibley still knows the shortcomings and did the same tricks as in "A Grave For The Corpses". My kids were walking around when around the 17th minute one of the girls burped loudly, they start laughing. Do I need to say more. Axel Falcon is much funnier but I won't go into the plot or the story because it's all to weird and exaggerated on all kind of ways. Listen to Axel's conversation at the phone talking with Lionheart. Most acting is still wooden but I will say it again, don't take it seriously. See the ninja's attack, look at the fighting, shoot-outs, again re-use of shots of his own flicks. We are watching an ultra low budget franchise.

    The Last Zombie Hunter; Part 3 in the Axel falcon franchise. If you want to see a summary of the goriest parts of A Grave then you have to see the beginning of this part. And finally there is some gore attached, the red stuff flows frequently. The acting is also the best here, way to go. Where Sibley uses CGI it is also much better then before. There are so many faults in continuity, for example, one zombie got shot in the head, blood flows, next shot, no blood but you really get used to it and by now we all know not to take it seriously. But the main reason to watch these cheesy flicks is Axel Falcon himself. The first time he appeared he really annoyed me with his falsetto voice. Once you get into him you want to see more of him and even more of his Geordie accent saying bastards and the magic 4 letter word f***. When he's in the gym it becomes so homo erotic. The clothes he is wearing, just a typical anti 007 hero. If you like Axel then you can watch it without any problem. Or if you're an aficionado of cheesy exploitation than I recommend it too. It is sometimes so bad that it becomes good.

    With the viewing of Sibleys shorts it's clear that he really knows his stuff. There is a trailer made by him of "Dia Del Giallo" which looks really great but sadly it never was made into a full feature. And that he can make gore without CGI is shown in "Passby". If you look at the Axel franchise then you can see an ode to the old Romero classics. The hands of the zombies coming true the door, beheading, a zombie without a head, the chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw), the machete (Friday the 13th)…I have seen worser flicks getting a proper release like Don Dohler ones or Andy Milligan's. They became cult after wards. If just one financier picks up Sibley and give him the money he needs than he can finally make what he really wants. Sibley, a name really to look forward to.

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