DVD The Legend of DarkHorse County

DVD The Legend of DarkHorse County
DVD The Legend of DarkHorse County

Rating: 7.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Shawn Welling
Writers: Jennifer Acres, Shawn Welling
Stars: Michael Biehn, Lee Majors, Jennifer Blanc
As Jon (Shawn Welling / Michael Biehn) and Joy Ford (Tory Tompkins) move into the small town of DarkHorse, mysterious and supernatural occurrences threaten to tear the town apart. Teenage girl abductions and a chain of serial killings force good-ol’-boy Sheriff McElroy (Lee Majors / Larry Wade Carrell), the town’s rugged symbol of justice, to use any means necessary to keep his beloved town from tumbling into chaos, and when Joy’s nieces (Olivia ‘ChaChi’ Gonzales and Presley Bishop) are kidnapped, they must race to find the abductor and in turn come face to face with a monster. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: abduction, small town, murder mystery, mythology, doll
Country: USA
Release Date: 4 April 2014 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $400,000 (estimated)


  1. I am a real horror movie fan. Even before the first frame,I get a little drunk with anticipation and greedy for some really creepy stuff. Unfortunately, I know y'all have also been let down before when a film just doesn't give you what you need. It sucks, yeah?

    The Legend of DarkHorse County really delivered for me in so many ways- even in ways few horror movies do!!

    First of all, the cinematography is truly gorgeous. Really, there are no throwaway shots. Every scene contains something unexpected, whether it's beautiful,shocking, or just creepy and full of foreboding. You can tell the filmmaker loves what he does—that comes through on the screen. This movie was really "handled with care"!

    And wow! The Six Million Dollar Man! I had his lunchbox as a kid(Big fan) It was awesome seeing him chewing up the screen.

    Horror flicks that are not afraid to be funny are some of my very favorites. Legend of Dark Horse County had me laughing all the way through-especially the bickering between the sheriff and his deputy. They were hilarious-and very "real" people.

    The Devil was delish-just slimy and evil like ya like it! He'll be having me check my insurance agent for horns and wings-ya never know!?!

    The action in the big fight scene had me yelling at the screen. Yes I do that-when it's real good.

    That's when I knew I was hooked,and the Legend of DarkHorse County had made my list of guilty pleasure movies. I'll be watching this one for years to come-better get out the sweatpants and stock up on ice cream!

    Enjoy this film!

  2. It is amazing to see veteran actor Lee Majors still doing what he does best ever since "Big Valley."

    Majors still has what it takes to captivate you leading you into the first act with wondering awe. Michael Biehn delivers the second blow of the 1-2 punch by his psychotic performance in perfect step with how a veteran marine would be affected after Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the travails and horrors of war.

    The cinematography enables you to become lured in like the victim of a serial killer with barely a chance to escape as DarkHorse County envelopes you holds you captive. The biblical doomsday motif also brings an element of suspense leaving you to believe that no one is safe there as the killer has no mercy.

    The twist occurs when actor Nick Nicholson wryly chips away at the character of certain protagonists as to tear them down into shame and despairing an attempt to destroy them in his monotone style of guilty as charged.

    Larry Carrell's performance was spot on as a country bumpkin Sheriff who relentlessly sought revenge after a tragic loss sucked him into the big thicket of lies and deceits.

    Director Shawn Welling takes you on some twists and turns only to deliver the message that anyone can have skeletons in their closet- dark secrets- with the ultimate chance to find redemption and forgiveness.

    The Legend of DarkHorse County is worth watching as a host of "newcomers" to the big screen individually deliver the heart and soul of a variety of citizens and denizens of a small Texas town in turmoil.

  3. Finally saw it, and was totally blown away by it. Some of it went over my head, but the end result was unforgettable. The reason I liked this film was because it was definitely what people had said about it: it was weird, unique, and fascinating. The visual style was great! It was rough and grainy, yet very beautifully shot.

    This movie has less to do with revelations more to do with everyday people trapped in their own muck.

    Basically, if you don't like venturing much from standard Hollywood issue then you may not enjoy this film as much as I did, but if you are prepared to try something new then you could well enjoy it. Also, fans of art-house films will almost certainly enjoy this, as it is an excellent example of creative low budget independent filming.

    A well acted and paced thriller laid over an undercurrent of intellect vs. emotion, I highly recommend

  4. I thought this movie was excellent. You can't watch the movie and expect Shakespeare…it's an indie film that is just plane fun. As the plot goes it's very believable and never stretches past its limits. At an entertainment level, the tension gradually escalates, as the plot proceeds. In the opening the film the tension becomes extreme, and then never lets up, not until the final credits roll.

    Finally, the film's technical quality is topnotch. Direction and editing are above average. Cinematography is excellent. Dialogue is interesting. And the acting is terrific. This movie had spectacular acting and a good twist and a pretty decent storyline. I thought this movie was great. – no, its not a profound meaningful work or art, but then who expected it to be? It's an enjoyable diversion beautifully shot – that's all anyone should expect!

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