DVD The Royal Bengal Tiger

DVD The Royal Bengal Tiger
DVD The Royal Bengal Tiger

Rating: 7.3
Genres: Thriller
Director: Rajesh Ganguly
Writers: Rajesh Ganguly, Neeraj Pandey
Stars: Jeet, Abir Chatterjee, Priyanka Sarkar
He would walk his eight year old son, Sumit, every morning to the point from where the school bus picked the kids up from, at around 9am. Thereafter he would meet up with Nandini, his colleague at FCI (Food Corporation of India) at the metro station. They would travel together and reach office exactly at 10.30 am, wind up exactly at 5.00pm and travel back together by the 5.40pm train. He would enquire daily with Pakrashi, his tenant, whose rent was due for the last three months, come back home with renewed hopes of getting his rent within the next couple of days, which he would share with his wife Aparna, who was definitely more worldly than him, and then dinner. That’s exactly how Abhiroop Banerjee’s life panned out on a day to day basis. However, Abhiroop was a contented man. He was happy. He loved his family. He was sincere to his work and was rewarded with a promotion from being a B grade officer to an A grade one. He really couldn’t ask for more from life. Aparna too lead a happy… Written by Anonymous
Country: India
Release Date: 31 January 2014 (India)


  1. "The Royal Bengal Tiger – A Good Pleasurable Thriller"

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    I really loved the trailer but I had a feeling that the ending twist could be somewhat like one of my favorite Hollywood Classic and I was right.

    The story is about an ordinary man (Abir) whose life changes into extraordinary journey when he met his childhood buddy ,Jeet. His childhood friend becomes his motivator and charges him up into a tiger when he stands powerless when a cunning office coworker vandalizes his job, when his companion gets abuse in front of his eyes, when his tenant refuses to pay rent and humiliates him in front of his wife.

    The weak point of the entire film lies within its story and the narration style. The first half is a bit dreary as it becomes too predictable about what is going to happen next. Nevertheless, the second half is interesting and I really loved the pace of this half.

    Acting – Abir Chatterjee has done one of his best performances until date. From an innocent, weak man he transforms himself into a character with hardly contained fury and spanking poise. He portrayed the character so well.Jeet does something different from his other movies. Here he does not beat the bad people but he helps his friend to fight back the society.Shraddha Das and Priyanka are good

    Direction – The movie can be paced the movie a little bit. I love the concept, which he wanted to portray. It is a very good attempt for his first flick.

    Music – I liked the song "Bondhu".

    Therefore, it is a very nice movie with good thrill all over. It is one time must watch 🙂 However, if you are a Hollywood lover, then you will feel that the ending is quite similar to one of the best thriller-drama. 3.5/5

  2. i am not a huge bengali film watcher….but happened to catch TRBT last night.I was initially hesitant but was dragged along by my friend…And what a film…what a film!A must must watch for performances, cinematography , direction , story line and everything else that goes into film making.just brilliant. Abir puts in a stupendous performance!Priyanka and Shraddha are brilliant..so are the character actors…but the surprise factor for me is Jeet!A powerhouse performance. He turns the film on its head.He has pulled off his suave, elegant, menacing yet understated character with aplomb.I walked out of the theater being a convert…a Jeet fan and a bengali cinema fan

    Bengali cinema i guess is finally coming of age. I congratulate everyone involved in making this film

  3. Had it not been a Sunday, i would have missed the opportunity to watch this Bengali movie. When the title was shown, "The royal Bengal tiger" I thought this would be another typical tollywood movie, with usual unreal fighting moves (the once that do not follow gravitational rule), but once the movies started, all my thoughts were proved wrong, and it turned out to be a great watch !


    Jeet as Anjan Shraddha Das as Nandini Abir Chatterjee as Abhi Priyanka Sarkar as Apu

    Written by: Neeraj Pandey Rajesh Ganguly

  4. Storytelling has been always the core of a movie. Making a movie on the split personality disorder has not been new in the movie world, but I hardly remember any attempt in the Bengali film world and at least not recently. And this is where 'The Royal Bengal Tiger' scores very high. Not only a novel attempt but a splendid production.

    Absolutely brilliant story telling, a tight and believable script, great performances by Abir Chatterjee and Jeet as the two (or one?) protagonists of the movie. Not to mention the subtle message which yet stands out loud – 'fear is a state of mind'.

    My congratulations go to 'new' director Rajesh Ganguly in the Bengali Cinema Block – Brilliant Sir and looking forward to hear a lot about you!

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