DVD The Stranger Within

DVD The Stranger Within
DVD The Stranger Within

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 3.6
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Adam Neutzsky-Wulff
Writers: Adam Neutzsky-Wulff
Stars: William Baldwin, Estella Warren, Sarah Butler
After a traumatic ordeal, acclaimed actress Emily Moore (Warren) and her psychiatrist husband, Robert (Baldwin), escape on a relaxing vacation to a gorgeous remote Mediterranean island. But on the first night at the house, a young woman (Butler) arrives, with blood on her hands and hysterical from the death of her boyfriend in a hiking accident. Robert offers to take in and help the young girl, but her suggestive behavior makes Emily wonder if she might be a threat to their marriage… or her life. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: ends with narration, house trashed, holding head under water, choke hold, foot chase
Country: Denmark
Release Date: 3 September 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $800,000 (estimated)


  1. Stilted acting, an unconvincing storyline, a script that could have been written by a fourth-grader, hackneyed horror film tropes (zombie imagery, etc), and phony picture-perfect makeup/costume design are all topped-off with a distractingly pervasive soap operatic soundtrack. The cover blurb states that this film is "A dark and twisted psychological thriller!"; however, the "psychology" of it all is pretty rudimentary.

    On the other hand, the cinematography is well-done despite the very low budget. No matter how limited the scope, there is some nice Balearic Islands scenery, and Sarah Butler, as tormented house-guest "Sarah," strips briefly in order to spice things up. Finally, there is some attempt at a twist, even if it's not a terribly original one, at the end.

    THE STRANGER WITHIN is reminiscent of some of the corniest suspense films of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Indeed, it echos the title of a 1974 TV movie which apparently has a similar conflict and must have inspired this one.

  2. You figured it out in the first 10 minutes. I bet you money you did. But just don't waste your time. A copy of a Baldwin film of any other decade, and there is just no reason that anyone in this day and age could believe they were being driven mad in this way. It really is like having your lead have amnesia, and slowly get all the right memories at just the right time. Painful to watch, and as wet as the climax is, it's really only rain. The one saving grace is that they spent some money on the location, and used great cameras. The sound is too good for a movie like this. Even the "scared" lead actress could tell the baby sounds were recorded.

  3. I would say don't even try to put the plot pieces together in this mess of a movie, with wooden acting and dialogue as well.

    Estella Warren stars as the beautiful and acclaimed actress Emily Moore. One night after a stage premiere, she finds a newspaper on her vehicle dashboard, in the parking garage, reminding Emily of the suicide of her best friend Sophie some years before. Emily had an affair with Sophie's boyfriend Patrick causing Sophie's depression and eventual suicide.

    Suddenly, Emily's car window is shattered by a masked psychopath who abducts her and takes her to a remote hiding place. There, she is subjected to five days of sexual torture and rape. Finally a SWAT team, acting on an anonymous tip rescues her, but she's in severe shock and traumatized.

    Her husband Robert is an eminent psychiatrist, portrayed by William Baldwin. After Emily is institutionalized and treated for her trauma, Robert convinces her to to travel to a quiet island off the coast of Spain, where she can hopefully get relaxation and healing time.

    However, one night a 19 year young woman name Sarah, played by Sarah Butler, mysteriously appears at their Spanish villa. Sarah is desperate as she says her husband has just fallen as they were rock climbing and is dead.

    Robert, much to the chagrin of the still fragile Emily, begins to treat Sarah at the villa. I don't have to tell you there's a lot of nefarious other plot themes looming. The whole thing just gets extremely muddled and melodramatic. One character Michael (Jeffrey Pierce), who is Emily's good friend and agent, just seems to completely disappear from the film amazingly.

    I thought the final way the movie played out was weak, very hackneyed, and unsatisfactory for me.

  4. So you thought the erotic thriller movie (at least the one that is also portrayed in this particular movie) won't be seeing the light of day anymore? Well, welcome back to the 80s (or maybe even early 90s). This is a flashback (something you get in the movie too). The acting is spot on with the theme it has. Which doesn't mean it's good.

    But if you're like me, you are a sucker for Sara Butler and you love to see her, even in a lesser movie like this one (she also appears in her "Eve" costume). There won't be many surprises in this one (you'll figure it out, before it begins). The suspense is low, the cinematography is nice and that's about it

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