DVD The Xpose

DVD The Xpose
DVD The Xpose

Run time: 113 min
Rating: 3.4
Genres: Thriller
Director: Anant Mahadevan
Writers: Himesh Reshammiya, Jainesh Ejardar
Stars: Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Irrfan Khan
This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous ,swinging era of Hindi films… the 1960s. It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen image on to real life with unbridled pomp and splendour. It was during this time that two ambitious films were made… Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal and Reena Mera Naam. The latter became a runaway hit while the former was struggling at the box office. Written by Official Agent
Country: India
Release Date: 16 May 2014 (India)


  1. I know the movie doesn't deserve one star out of 10. But that is the least I can give. 'Awful', the only word that can describe this movie. I don't know what glamour was the director trying to pull off. The movie was just an instrument for Himesh Reshamiyya to propound his songs. Yeah, and the songs too! I don't know why people loved the songs. They were just remakes of the previous super hit songs. I should have watched the election results today which were undoubtedly much more interesting than this crap movie. But my friends dragged me to watch it. And now they are regretting too. Speaking of acting, actor is good at his place and singer is best at his place. Himesh should never think of becoming an actor. He is not at all a star material.

  2. Some films come with big hype, months of promotions, and after watching the film the audience might feel 'was it worth the hype?'. Then there are some films which are decently promoted and well made, but straightaway rejected by the audience even without watching it! And at a later point of time when they get a chance to watch the movie, they may say 'arre, yeh film toh theek tha (hey, this film was alright!). The Xpose, unfortunately falls to the second category.

    My friends laughed at me when I told them that I am gonna watch a Himesh Reshammiya flick, that too in theater! Well, this is not the first time they laugh at me, I have faced it before also. As a movie lover, I support people who work hard, and put in their efforts to make the best. This guy has worked real hard and shredded approx. 20kgs for this film, and he looks good! Also, the music seems nice, the film is rumored to be based on the dirty games in Bollywood during late 60s, and the director is a National Award winning man! I think these are enough reasons to watch this movie.

    The film, promoted as a murder mystery, rather is more of a drama than a thriller. Yes, there are a few thrills but eventually it falls into the drama genre. It has its well-developed characters, the emotions and the dirty tricks human minds play to keep themselves safe. As mentioned earlier, the film is set in late 1960s and is all about the glamorous and larger-than life era. An era which showcased the other side of Indian women, who were otherwise portrayed as the usual traditional family girls. As the film unfolds, we are introduced to a world where actresses fight, heroes travel in Impalas, and speak daring one-liners frequently. Love at first sight happens, and hatred too, very often! The film is shot well, despite of its tight budget, and the songs are placed at the right place. The direction is good and he ensures that the audience who comes out the hall are not disappointed. The mystery-revealing portions were, however kinda loose and appeared to be wrapped up very quickly. Had the writers added 10-15 more minutes of investigation stuff to the film, it would have become one of the finest thrillers Bollywood has ever produced! Nevertheless, the film is good and has its moments.

    But then, its a Himesh Reshammiya movie na, who will watch it in theater! Who can sit through his bad acting? Trust me, once the movie starts reeling, you will be shocked to see an unexpected good performance from him! Yes, he has put his complete effort to live up to the character. His one-liners have an extra-punch! His never-give up attitude ensures that he is here to stay. The débutant Yo Yo Honey Singh has done a decent job, and the rest of the cast enacted their characters convincingly. Special mention to the beautiful and hot lady Sonali Raut. She was awesome. The narration by the talented Irrfan Khan was another plus point.

    Overall, Xpose is a good watch and an ernest attempt from the makers. Watch it, and explore the dark secrets behind the bollywood of 1960s. Thumbs up for this one!

  3. This is a pathetic movie with 3 layers of murders of the same person (? I mean really ! :-o). As lead Himesh's (pretending to be Rajinikanth — feeling meh. Disclaimer: No offense; I am not saying Himesh is worse than Rajinikanth) acting is pathetic; his dialog delivery is so bad that becomes hilarious (!!^&$#@!*&^). Dialogues are over exaggerated, meaningless, and you feel like leaving the theater instantly. All the other actors/actresses and Yo Yo Honey Singh only add patheticity to the entire plot and story; making the whole film unbearable. God help those (including me) who watch this movie. I am still in trauma since I watched the movie.

  4. Pros: 1) Its Himesh's acting! he was just superb in the movie! the attitude he had shown in the movie is fantastic! I must say HR is growing as an actor from movie to movie, here he is a fully established actor! outstanding performance!

    2) Another major highlight is the dialogues, Written by Bunty Rathore, I just loved each of them.

    3)Music: its well known fact that music is massive hit!

    4)Direction and Screenplay: Ananth Mahadevan has proved once again that he is a fabulous director, loved the way each scene unfolds and how each scene is planned.

    5)Production value: Its great! with limited budget they had shot such a grand looking movie.

    Cons: Climax: Yes! in a Who done it kind of movie climax has to be strong,but the way they reveal the murder is not that interesting, you just don't have enough time to think who is murderer, the twist at the end is good, but the way they reveal,could have been better.

    Special Mention: Yo Yo Honey Singh acted very well too! he has very short roll, but enjoyed watching him, for every scene Honey comes in there will be a huge round of cheers and applause in the hall, this just shows his mammoth fan following. Zoya Afroz and Sonali they are just good! casting is very fine.

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