DVD The Y2K File

DVD The Y2K File
DVD The Y2K File

Rating: 0.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Nick Peterson
Writers: Nick Peterson
Stars: Vincent X. Hall
The story starts at the dawn of the new millennium. A man called Knock-Knock has just lost his parents in a fire that devastated the family house. Eager to move away from his frightening past he moved inside a big house in North London. The house used to be inhabited by a family of thirteen who mysteriously disappeared. When he was living in the house, a few events started to unfold; events that will terrify him, already traumatized by the death of his parents. Everyday he will confide a report of the events to a website, the Y2K Diary. Written by Alex Altman
Country: USA
Release Date: 14 December 2013 (UK)

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