DVD Thillalangadi

DVD Thillalangadi
DVD Thillalangadi

Run time: 181 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action | Comedy | Romance
Director: M. Raja
Writers: M. Raja, Vakkantham Vamsi
Stars: Jeyam Ravi, Tamannaah Bhatia, Shaam
Plot Keywords: daredevil, remake, one word title
Country: India
Release Date: 23 July 2010 (Singapore)


  1. "Jayam " brothers Ravi & Raja have always given remakes of Telugu movies & each and every one of them used to be a good choice which went on to become hits. They have tried to keep their records straight this time too by remaking immensely successful Telugu movie "Kick". But the law of averages tend to have caught up with them this time.

    To begin with "Kick" is a bad choice to remake though it was a huge hit in Andhra the story line is very much confusing with a lots of loose ends untied. Whether the screenplay is to blamed or the editing , the final product is stale one with scenes ending abruptly & beginning hurriedly.

    And nearly 3 hour is too long a length for a movie of this genre & after a point of time viewers get disinterested of the happenings in the movie. Comedy which was billed as one of the USPs of the movie falls flat . Both Vadivelu & Shanthnam fail to tickle the viewers.

    "Jayam" Ravi looks smart in his new hair style . Either bad acting or poor characterization or a combination of both , Ravi's role is one of the most irritating one I have come across in the this year so far.

    Tamannah fits the bill of the heroine with scope to do some comedy which she does amply. Her footwork has also improved immensely as her lip sync.

    Shaam is adequate while other supporting actors ham their level best to make it a aural torture which is further aggravated by the background score of Thaman.

    "Sol Pechu" is perhaps the only song which stands both in the picturization & music is concerned. It is a delight to watch multiple Ravi's & Thamannah's dancing around. Novel concept & well conceived.

    Rajasekhar's cinematography is excellent in the chase sequences & action scenarios.

    "Jayam" Raja has miscalculated this time perhaps for the first time. Lets wait & watch what he does with his first "original" feature film next.

    On the whole , "Thillalangadi" is a easy route for a severe headache.

    Bottomline : Sicko Sick…!

  2. * Remake of Ravi Teja's Kick a Telugu Super Hit Movie.

    What a Remake? M Raja – What he had done before? Hanuman Junction (Telugu) a remake of Malayalam Hit Thenkasipattanam, second movie Jayam (Tamil) a remake of a Telugu movie with the same name, third movie M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi (Tamil) another remake of Telugu movie Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, his fourth movie Unakkum Enakkum (Tamil) yet another remake of Telugu 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana', fifth movie Santhosh Subramaniam (Tamil) and again a remake of another Telugu Movie 'Bommarilu' and this movie is not an exception. This film has also same as before, each and every scene and shot from the Original Version.

    'Kick', the Telugu version was received with Mixed reviews and the film itself was a modified version of 'Gentleman'. The Main problem with the movie (Not only this Movie, but all M Raja movies) is that each and every actor imitating the Actors from the Original Version. M Raja's main Negative point is that he never changes any Dialoges but Includes two or three extra Dialoges , he just translate it to Tamil and also even the slang / Tone is same in both the Movies. And Jayam Ravi and Thamanna is going to become the best Mimicry Artist in Tamil Nadu, Thamanna copied or Xerox Copied Kareena Kapoor for her Kandean Kadhalai, and now Ileana. And Jayam Raja – Falls Flat. One of the worst performance. Its terrible to see him imitating each every mannerism of Ravi Teja (Telugu Hero), The main point is that 'Kick' Character is developed with Ravi Teja in Mind and with His perfect Comedy timing the movie has taken a step ahead. But in this movie, Jayam Ravi is not apt for the character rather should have given to actors like Vijay or Vikram who can do good Comedy scenes and be serious at the same time.

    Only Good and Notable performances are from Shaam and Prabhu.

    I think, few viewers who had never seen the Original can enjoy in Parts, but only in very few scenes though.

  3. This movie is one of the worst movies i've ever seen…..really,i haven't walked out of the theater before climax in any movie,but this movie made me do that.Every dialogue is boring and the acting is very very bad…when i asked my friends about the climax,i burst to laugh….!! Jeyam Ravi's acting was the most irritating thing in the whole movie from his intro scene…Tamanna was just another character killing artist…fans say that they had to act like the Telugu original actors,if they had to copy the acting why do they want to remake the movie they could've just dubbed…Vadivelu did what he always does but even that's too horrible…santhanam was not wasted in any movie like this….The so called twists are so bad,the whole movie is a childsplay…why does raja wanna make such idiotic remakes….Please ppl do not encourage movies like this only bcoz u like your actors….In this time of movies like Madarasapattinam and Kalavani this Thillalangadi spoils the name of Tamil cinema….If you want something new or something interesting this movies definitely gonna test your patience….Finally,in this movie there's no story,no thrills,totally predictable,worst acting,irritating cast,bad direction…why would someone wanna go to this movie…please don't do this…!!

  4. 'Jayam' Raja returns after 'Santhosh Subramanian' hiatus and 'Jayam' Ravi returns after his critically acclaimed 'Peranmai'. Both are high in spirits and it can be seen from this movie.

    Raja being the master of remakes makes sure that the essence of the original is not lost. The story revolves around a lad who will do anything to get a 'Kick'(read as Adrenaline rush or something close to that). He will quit job for that. He might even put himself in dangerous situation to have fun. This character is what makes the movie so different from other films belonging to the same genre. What follows is how he falls for a girl and how that girl falls for him with an interesting interval twist and a sudden turn in the sequence of events from there-on.

    Ravi has tried his best to emulate what Ravi Teja had done in the telugu version. But he will never quite reach the crazy standard Teja had set. Overall, 'Jayam' Ravi made a good attempt and he was full of energy for most of the time. The good thing in the tamil version is Tammana. Skimpy clothes were something that 'Jayam' Raja avoided in all his films. But in this one he steps on the gun and it is sure to give a titillating effect. 🙂 Vadivelu's comedy again is something below par as compared to what Bramanandan essayed in the original.

    Another factor that needs a special mention is the star cast. Prabhu, Suhasini, Santhanam, Radha Ravi, Ganga Karupp….et cetera et cetera. Next one is the clothing design. Colorful and Vibrant. But could have toned down a bit on the 'Colorful' part.

    Picturization is also good especially the chase scenes and the song ' Sol pesu'. I think at some point 'Jayam' Raja got obsessed with Robert's Zoom effect.

    All in all, this is a quality entertainer but it never reaches the original standards.


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