DVD Tom’s Video

DVD Tom’s Video
DVD Tom’s Video

Run time: 105 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Mystery
Director: Nik Sentenza
Writers: Nik Sentenza
Stars: Patrick Mölleken, Erwin Bawulski, Janine Beisheim
In the autumn of 2008 a family disappears from the town of Averohn near Hannover. The Schellenberg family is seen for the last time on the evening of the 17th October by neighbors. After that all track is lost of Ruth, her children, the eleven year-old Severine, fifteen year-old Tom and the new husband, Walter. Police, relatives and people in the village are mystified because even after one year’s investigations the family remains missing. The documentrarian, Robert Kassai, takes up the subject one and a half years after the disappearance. He starts to investigate in the village with two thousand inhabitants and meets distraught people looking for answers. Video footage taken by Tom with his camera appears during his research. The video documents the final three weeks of the Schellenberg family before their disappearance and leads to an unbelievable truth; a truth between reality and imagination, which has a momentous impact on Robert… Written by Neue Filme
Plot Keywords: disappearance, family relationships, mockumentary, found footage
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2012 (Germany)
Box Office
Budget: €4,000 (estimated)

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