DVD Tour de Force

DVD Tour de Force
DVD Tour de Force

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller
Director: Kim Sønderholm
Writers: Kim Sønderholm, Kim Sønderholm
Stars: Kim Sønderholm, Claire Ross-Brown, Toke Lars Bjarke
Frank is a police officer who loses his family in a tragedy. In desperation he turns to crime and makes a living as a hitman for the mob.
Plot Keywords: hitman, mob, prostitute, female nudity, divorce
Country: Denmark, UK
Release Date: 6 August 2012 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: $150,000 (estimated)


  1. I bought this movie immediately as it appeared on DVD. Since very few Danish cinema is translated (or subtitled) I felt my $14 would be a good investment.

    Why did I buy a new DVD release from an unknown Danish réalisateur? First, because most of the Danish thrillers I own (Pusher, Frygtelig lykkelig, Kærlighed på film, Bleeder…) have really impressed me, and I am satisfied with those purchases. Second, because dozens of Danish movies (or Danish TV series) are for obvious reasons (the language) inaccessible to non-Danes (though they've been producing first class television like Lars Von Trier's 'Riget' or Niels Arden Oplev's 'Rejseholdet').

    However Tour de Force is a disappointment. Although the film starts with very innovative camera work (the opening sequences reminded me of Sin City's cinematic atmosphere) halfway down the movie we have very mediocre fighting and shooting scenes where much more effort was needed from the réalisateurs.

    The few IMDb users who have rated this movie have been extremely generous. At the time of writing, this film by Kim Sønderholm has a rating of 9,5 (I gave it a six).

    One can't avoid comparing Tour de Force with other Danish products like 'Pusher' and Sønderholm film pales in comparison. Both movies have a character named 'Frank', and much like Bodnia in the first Pusher instalment, our Tour de Force Frank is something of a regular guy who has to obey orders from people much higher in the crime ladder, whether they are called 'Milo' or 'Holger'.

    But Sønderholm's nemesis (the so called 'Holger') is more of a Playboy than a gangster. We first meet Holger while escorted into a meeting room by black leather bodyguards. Later on we see this Holger in sleeveless t-shirts, this time escorted by ladies and conducting all business via a cellphone.

    Lastly a word about the role of Slavko Labovic. An actor of Yugoslav descent, he has been called to play though underworld guys in films like the Pusher. I expected to see more of him in this movie, though his character is merely incidental, much like the short-lived roles he played in films like 'Den Gode Stromer'. (On the other hand, one cannot conceive Pusher 3 without Labovic, where he also was a secondary actor).

  2. Several months ago the trailer for feature film "Tour de Force" was released. After seeing the trailer I could not wait for the day the film would actually be released. The trailer did just as any movie trailer should do and that is grab you and make you want more. Then as the big moment of the film's release arrives you wonder…"Did I see the best parts of the film in the trailer?" So many films being released today have the kind of trailers that do just that, they grab you, make you want to go see them, only to leave you walking out of the theater feeling very let down. I was given the honor of previewing the upcoming release of "Tour de Force" in full last night. Let me just say this…the trailer does not even begin to scratch the surface of the movie. I settled myself in comfortably but, was prepared to hit pause a few times to grab a snack, something to drink, or just take a break. I never moved!!! For the entire movie I sat glued to my seat. The storyline is truly awesome, it is action packed, well acted by the entire cast, cinematography was fantastic and Kim showed an even more intense side of his acting range. This movie is a must see on so many levels. Tour de Force has got to be one of the best movies I have seen this year so far…it holds its own against the Hollywood Blockbusters in my humble opinion. To get a better understanding of just how good this movie is, it is important to know that these type films are not my preference for viewing. I will watch them, but this one I will own and watch time and time again. It may have been a long road in getting this film done, but in the end Kim has a winner. So if you are looking to see a really great movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat better put "Tour de Force" on your list and keep an eye out for its release.

  3. Bitter and disillusioned former cop Frank (an intense and excellent performance by Kim Sonderholm, who also wrote and directed) becomes a hit-man for the mob after losing his family in a tragedy. Sonderholm relates the bleakly engrossing story at a quick pace, maintains a tough, gritty, and downbeat tone throughout, offers a vivid evocation of the seamy criminal underworld, and delivers the savagely satisfying goods in the lively and exciting last third. Moreover, Sonderholm's stark no-frills style and the startling moments of sudden brutal violence both give this picture an extra potent harsh punch. Frank manages to be a sympathetic character while the bad guys are quite dangerous and untrustworthy. Sonderholm's intense acting in the lead holds the picture together; he receives fine support from Alice Haaber as the loyal Emily and Peter Ottesen as smooth, yet ruthless mob boss Holger. Krede Andersen's rough cinematography provides an appropriately grainy look. Cool rocking soundtrack, too. Worth a watch.

  4. One of the films that impressed me the most this year is TOUR DE FORCE in which Kim Sonderholm performs the dual tasks of director and lead actor. Kim, from Denmark, is fast establishing a highly regarded reputation and earning respect in both these areas of film making.

    In TOUR DE FORCE, Kim plays with commendable skill the lead role of Frank, a former cop, whose life becomes increasingly complex in both work and personal situations with pressure building up scene by scene. The scenes are appropriately dour but always well filmed to match the grim atmosphere generated. But the main strength of the film is the character of Frank. It is obvious, from the brilliant portrayal that Kim had put a great deal of prior thought into the characterization process and has certainly succeeded in his character study objective as well presenting and interesting story line in a film that grips the attention of the viewer from beginning to end.

    I now look forward with eager anticipation to further film output, as director and actor, from Kim Sonderholm.

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