DVD Ugly

DVD Ugly
DVD Ugly

Run time: 128 min
Rating: 7.4
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Writers: Anurag Kashyap
Stars: Rahul Bhat, Jayant Gadekar, Abir Goswami
The film portrays the kidnapping of a little girl of 10, who is out with her father for the day. Her parents are divorced and the ex-wife, literally cloistered by her new husband. On the other side a power-hungry super cop who is increasingly dependent on a cocktail of alcohol and anti-depressants, makes his way through this whole event. Written by Deepak Futela
Plot Keywords: actor, corruption, kidnapping, daughter, 10 year old
Country: India
Release Date: 19 September 2014 (India)
Box Office
Budget: $1,475,000 (estimated)


  1. I saw it at a local film festival last night and thought it was quite good. It is probably one of the darkest Bolly movie I've seen. This is the opposite of a family movie — the plot is very dark, characters very gray, and language very adult. It has a very realistic feel to it. Other than Ronit Roy it was all new faces on the screen. There is no likable character in the movie, but there are a few scenes where you can't help but empathize with their situation and find justification for their actions. There is a little bit of dark humor sprinkled throughout. This is not a movie for general audience, but if you enjoy dark movies that are good character studies then I'd highly recommend checking this one out.

  2. I'll be honest, I have never been courageous enough to Watch a movie from India, Bollywood. The only thinking to Watch one movie from here scared me to death. I won't explain why, you could misunderstand me.

    So, I first read the comments in magazines about this one, and made an attempt. At my own risks…

    And was amazingly surprised. A truly good surprise, a genuine film noir, real dark, whilst with comedy scenes, such as this one: with some of the guys Under custody explaining to the police officer how to use a cell phone as a camera…It could have been used in the new wave crime flicks from UK and USA, as we see since Quentin Tarantino arrival, two decades ago…

    An offbeat way of filming and especially story telling. No hero here, no good vs bad guys scheme. A depressing tale, if you analyse the tale in detail. With a downbeat and totally surprising end.

    This director deserves to be watched, although this kind of stuff is not for all audiences. Not for sissies or romantic addicts.

  3. Its a very nice movie, beautifully directed & very different (in a good way) from other Bollywood movies.

    From the beginning itself your mind is not allowed to rest. You start with so many doubts and as the movie progresses some of them gets cleared up, but guess what now you have so many more. So just a suggestion, start the movie with your bladder cleaned up otherwise later on you'll be totally lost.

    Good humor + full suspense + great acting + great direction, have been waiting for this for so long.

    Thanks Mr. Anurag Kashyap for this beauty. Ronit Roy is a great actor, no doubt about that, and he has done wonderful acting here once again. But others are equally good.

  4. unfortunately we don't have much choice concern to Indian cinema in France so i went to watch this film & there were only 6 person in entire hall, 3 of them came because they were retired & they have free ticket on every Monday & half of the way they left the film. i was fan of ANURAG KASHYAP but not for this film. it's very small idea but he stretch it up to 2 hours & seen are repeated. script have lot of hole, they didn't explain so many things which happen in film so after some time you left to use your intelligence & you just watching what ever going on screen. Vineet Kumar Singh & Rahul BHATT both were bitten by police up to 3rd degree & not one time but several time but in next seen they are healthy & walking & talking just like nothing happen.

    performance wise Rahul BHATT have done brilliant job & i hope he will get more chance after this. Ronit Roy is the same as he was done in UDDAN,THE BOSS,2 STATES. there is no explanation in film why Rnoit ROY is like this, why he put his wife in house like prisoner. entire film i was trying to figure out their bizarre relationship to each other. film is full of violence so sensible should not watch this film. when film end you thought that might suspense will revel but nothing happen & not even convincing. while i came out from the cinema hall & i fell that A.K. is really UGLY that's why he made this film & film itself is more STUPID (UGLY) then A.K.

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