DVD Unconditional Love

DVD Unconditional Love
DVD Unconditional Love

Run time: 112 min
Rating: 4.1
Genres: Action | Drama
Director: Graeme Noble, John-William Noble
Writers: John-William Noble
Stars: Shaun Moir, David West, Sarah Welsh
A film that focuses on the intense struggle of a young Christian man whose sister is abducted by dangerous criminals. In his struggle, this man and his friends turn to the aid of two former soldiers in a bid to find the girl. However, in the face of such pain, the young man is intent in following the ways of his faith and example of Jesus Christ creating a moral dilemma for him and for the team of people searching for the girl. During this struggle, the captors of the frightened teenager are on a mission to become the most powerful criminal organization in the world…and nothing and no-one will get in their way! Written by Anonymous
Country: UK

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