DVD Walad w Bent

DVD Walad w Bent
DVD Walad w Bent

Rating: 7.3
Genres: Romance
Director: Kareem El-Adl
Stars: Ahmed Dawood, Mariam Hassan, Aya Hemeda
A romance full of emotions, adventure and humor, the love of a lifetime is what the film is about. But between this boy and girl the story is not that simple. Although their bond is unbreakable they keep separating over the years. It’s not circumstantial forces or even external pressures, but the very individuality of each is what keeps getting in the way in spite of all the love that’s cherished within. In tracking their early zigzagged path the film delves into the complex and intricate web of inner conflicts that arise between young men and women of this age and ultimately innovatively poses the eternal question: Can Adam and Eve live happily ever after ? Written by Anonymous
Country: Egypt
Release Date: February 2010 (Egypt)

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