DVD What’s Up Famousface

DVD What’s Up Famousface
DVD What’s Up Famousface

Run time: 148 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Action | Comedy | Romance
Director: Shannon O’Hanrahan
Writers: Shannon O’Hanrahan, Shannon O’Hanrahan
Stars: Shannon O’Hanrahan, Emily Gannon, Jedi Kane
What’s Up Famousface is a hilarious laugh-a-minute unique comedy about the adventures of Shannon Famousface and her foster sister Emily What’s Up. Their 1970’s style mustached DADS Rusty and Perry (ALSO played by Shannon & Emily convincingly dressed as men, one of the movie’s most hilarious concepts) are fed up with the girls’ nonsense but have to let Emily & Shannon live with them to keep a promise to their dead wives. The girls are forced to get jobs as maids in a shady hotel and Shannon falls for a handsome Texmex janitor. They go on a date and Shannon butchers the date royally. In the end, the foster DADS try to help Shannon win him back to get the girls out of their hair. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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