DVD Wildfire: The Arabian Heart

DVD Wildfire: The Arabian Heart
DVD Wildfire: The Arabian Heart

Run time: 88 min
Rating: 4.4
Genres: Action | Comedy | Drama
Director: Michael Vincent
Writers: Michael Vincent
Stars: Willa Townsend, Alex Bartlett, Gary David Keast
Lindsey a teenage girl is talked into driving across country from Lowell Massachusetts to visit her Uncle Jack in the Midwest who has never recovered from a tragedy in his past. There she falls in love with a ranch hand Logan and finds herself tricked into volunteering for a race at the county fair by the local rich girl Abigail. The problem is she has no riding experience but she just can’t back out so she defies the odds and learns enough to compete. Beautifully filmed in the Midwest along a river valley ranch. This is a family styled feature film about a girl coming of age as she connects with her past, lets loose the champion within and meets the love of her life. Lindsey starts out from Lowell and heads out on the road leaving the city life behind to her Uncle Jacks place. Here on a Midwest horse ranch here she makes new friends and meets a horse named Wildfire. Written by MVX
Plot Keywords: horse, coming of age, student film, road trip, native american
Country: USA
Release Date: 20 January 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. Overall the story is good, and the plot is believable, but other than that it seems to have been produced by amateurs. Writing was horrible at best.

    Acting is well, obviously pushed. Who played Lindsay's brother. Really? That's the best they could have done? And her mother? I am guessing she has zero acting history. Chemistry was not there.

    But with a low budget you rarely get quality talent. In some of the scenes I don't think they even used a sound engineer. The echo and background noises are right there.

    I wanted to write a better review, but just couldn't lie.

  2. Dialogue was awful from the start. Sound editing was beyond bad – I don't know if it was mic placement but one moment you would hear the actress talking, and the next it was as though you were across the room.

    Tack on the poor soundtrack and this one isn't just a no – it's a hell no. I've seen better dialog, mechanics and acting on the Disney channel.

    I am sure that the filmmakers had good intentions here, but there's nothing worse than a rush job or a job done in an amateur fashion. That really seemed to be the case here.

  3. The perfect inaugural movie for "Bad Movie Night". I gathered my film-making friends, opened the bar, and we enjoyed a fantastic evening mocking this terrible cinematic creation.

    For a movie this bad, it's hard to know where to start. Plot holes large enough to drive a grip truck through, a lack of any recognizable acting ability, the substandard script, the redundant (borderline obnoxious) soundtrack, the under-mixed audio, the typo-ridden credits… the list is long. Truly awful. And there were no bonus features on the DVD – I was at least hoping for a director's commentary to laugh at, as well!

    As one of my friends said: "I laughed, I cried, I want my money back." And it was a free screening.

  4. to the girl from Canada… it was made in Minnesota.. that is also where the actors are mostly all from.

    The reason the movie is such bad quality is because it was made by a bored millionaire who literally woke up one morning and thought "i think ill make a movie" while i agree the movie was done badly.. some of the actors could actually act… it is just the fact that the ones around them couldn't which made them look bad. And the quality of the movie itself did not help either. Obviously the main girl could not act but Alex and Samantha acted their parts out very well. It is just unfortunate for both of them that their names will always be tied to this film

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