DVD Windwill Town USA the Fighter

DVD Windwill Town USA the Fighter
DVD Windwill Town USA the Fighter

Run time: 51 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Action
Director: Christopher Outridge
Writers: Christopher Outridge
Stars: Michael Carr, Szu Ting Moy, Kailn Adalina
Mark Hawkins is an honorable and strong street fighter in WINDWILL TOWN. One day, he saves a stranger from a brutal attack. Unknown to him, this man was marked for death by a deadly gang of thieves and assassins called The Blood Clovers. By doing so, he has sparked the interest of a deadly, sexy duo of women known as Black Rose. They have asked Sai Chang, the leader of the Blood Clovers, to hunt and capture Mark. Setting the plan in motion, Sai Chang kidnaps Mark’s girlfriend Claire as a way of luring Mark into a trap. Now, Mark is on an all out, action packed search through Windwill Town in order to save his girlfriend’s life. Unknown to both Mark Hawkins and Sai Chang, Black Rose is watching their every move, with major plans for their final showdown. Written by Christophjer Eric Outridge
Plot Keywords: street fighter, martial arts
Country: USA

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