LEGO – The Last Viking Movie Trailer

LEGO - The Last Viking Movie Trailer

Created by Hanz Hosler and Tom Hosler

“The Last Viking”, a hero lost at sea, frozen in ice for hundreds of years, then discovered by scientists, who successfully revive him. But when he discovers that they have shaved his sacred beard, he goes berserk and begins killing everyone he meets. Through a number of bizarre twists of fate, the last viking will battle space aliens, befriend a dinosaur, and continue to kill everyone he meets.

Hanz did all of the animation and set construction, and most of the camera work on “The Last Viking”. Tom did the visual effects and sound design for the trailer. Hanz put together the trailer in Apple iMovie 11 in a trailer template called “Supernatural”, chosen for it’s evocative soundtrack. Applications used for the effects work included FXhome VisionLab Studio, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut Studio Pro.

There is currently no completed “The Last Viking” movie, but if and when there is, it will be found only here at HanzFilms.

Camera used: Samsung TL500 (EX1)



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